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best motorcycle half helmet no mushroomHalf face helmets have been around in the headgear market for a long time. Many riders wear half helmets to enjoy the feeling of natural ventilation. 

Half face headgears provide the least head protection due to the lack of safety provided. Least head protection means more risk of a crash. But it does not mean you can not wear half face helmets at all!

This review will allow you to find the right half face headwear without any suffocation! To look for the right half face headgear, you can find different options to buy the best half helmets. 


I had trouble selecting the best half helmets as the market ratings were not as high as I expected. With my effort in research, I have found some of the best half helmets 2022 with high ratings and positive user experience.

I had to rearrange in the right order based on my personal choice. These ten half helmets have taken with reasonable price, unique features and representing a popular brand image. These factors make the best motorcycle half helmets that help to protect your skull from impacts. 

Half helmets target those riders who don’t want to wear other helmet types will consider wearing this type of helmet. If you want a helmet with natural ventilation, you are on the right page of searching for the best half helmets! 

Best Half Helmet No Mushroom Reviews

Here I am going to dive into these ten selections of best motorcycle half helmets. And what makes them the ‘best’ headgear type portraying their features. These motorcycle half helmets reviews will give you the ideal headwear for your ride.

If you want a helmet with natural ventilation, have a look at these best half helmets below:


TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet Check Price
ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle Open Face Sun Visor – Best Half Faced Helmet Check Price
Bell Pit Boss – Low Profile Half Helmet Check Price
AHR German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet Check Price
ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield Quick Release Strap – Half Head Motorcycle Helmet Check Price
AHR Chopper High Gloss Black S – Best Looking Half Helmet Check Price
LS2 Rebellion Unisex-Adult - Low Profile Dot Half Motorcycle Helmet Check Price
Core Deluxe - No Mushroom Lightweight Half Helmet Check Price
LS2 Unisex-Adult - Best Half Helmet for motorcycle Check Price
Daytona German Dull Dot Approved - Best Motorcycle Half Helmet Check Price

1. TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet

Brand TORC
Model T5515FG24
Item Weight 2.9 pounds
Package Dimensions 13.7 x 11.3 x 7 inches
Item model numberT5515FG24
Cover Included HELMET
Vehicle Service Type street-cruiser-motorcycles, street-motor-scooters, street-sport-motorcycles

TORC has popularized its helmets in various types suitable for different kinds of riders. The brand has brought its USA flag graphic representing lightweight headwear. The low profile motorcycle half helmet has an intermediate oval that fits perfectly for oval headed riders. If you are round or long oval, this helmet is not right for you. 

The helmet has two outer shell sizes for proper scale in appearance to allow a more aerodynamic ride. This allows having an accurate helmet size where it helps to ensure a streamlined yet low-profile look. The shell has manufactured with an advanced thermal polymer to reduce the weight of the headwear and disperse energy. This benefits to protect your head from impacts and allows a lightweight helmet.

Regarding eye protection, the headwear has an integrated drop-down sun visor to protect from sun glare. The drop-down sun visor does not cause eyestrain or distracts your vision if you wear spectacles. You do not have to worry about distorted vision! This half helmet makes a great ride in the heat as this helmet already provides natural ventilation. The best half helmet no mushroom has removable and washable inner cheek pads to keep it clean and free from dust and dirt.

The helmet approves by DOT and has a quick release chin strap to secure and remove the helmet easily. This best half motorcycle helmet is perfect for riders who want to have a warrior ride.


  • Lightweight
  • Two outer shell sizes for proper scale
  • Dropdown sun visor
  • Removable and washable cheek pads to keep it clean and free from dust
  • Suitable for all sorts of riders


  • Only wearable for oval headed riders
  • Visor only protects the sun which extra glasses are needed

2. ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle Open Face Sun Visor – Best Half Faced Helmet

Brand ILM 
Model 205v
Item Weight 2.7 pounds
Package Dimensions 12.5 x 9.8 x 6.9 inches
Item model number 205V-MB-L
CAPA Certified & Safety Rating DOT Certified
Vehicle Service Type DOT Certified

The outer shell has made in ABS shell to make it lightweight and is wearable in various outdoor activities. This benefits and allows lightweight gear without putting extra pressure on the head. Regarding eye protection, the helmet has an integrated drop-down sun visor to protect from sunlight glare. The drop-down visor is removable and replaceable. Regarding ventilation, the helmet has a premium ventilation system to minimize the heat at the top of the headgear.

The headwear has a comfortable ear flap that helps to prevent squeezing around the head. This benefits from having extra space for the ears in which most half face helmets lack this feature. The half helmet provides tinted visors that can replace for safe eye protection. The headgear approves by DOT.


  • Lightweight
  • Dropdown sun visor which is removable and replaceable
  • Premium ventilation system to reduce heat
  • Earflap which is comfortable and skin-friendly
  • Provides with tinted visors


  • Clear visors need to require separately
  • Adjusting the helmet too tight might make your head feeling squashed
  • Earflaps might be difficult to hear

3. Bell Pit Boss – Low Profile Half Helmet

ModelPit Boss
Item Weight3 pounds
Package Dimensions14.1 x 11.1 x 8.7 inches
Safety RatingDOT Certified

Bell has known for manufacturing different helmet types for safe head protection. The gloss black helmet has definite features to make the best half helmets for natural ventilation. If you want to search for a helmet with natural ventilation, you have found the right helmet! The material has manufactured in a Tri-matrix composite shell. This makes it durable and safe from impacts.

The half face helmet has two shells with three EPS sizes to fit the smallest and largest head size possible. This provides an accurate head size where you do not have to struggle of adjusting the helmet. The helmet has an internal sunshade that provides ‘on the fly’ protection from the sun. This allows protecting the eyes from the glaring sun for ensuring a more focused ride. You will not have to worry about disoriented vision! To secure the helmet conveniently, the half-face headwear has a speed dial adjustment to secure it in place. This prevents the lifting and slipping effect at high speeds.

The half helmet has a removable neck curtain to shield the neck in cold conditions. This benefits to riding safely in winter in which most half helmets lack this function. To allow for entertainment and communication, the helmet has speaker pockets to fit the Bluetooth headset. The half face helmet approves the safety standard of DOT.


  • Tri-Matrix composite shell for strong and lightweight helmet
  • Speed dial adjustment to adjust according to fit
  • Removable neck curtain for winter rides
  • Speaker pockets to fit the Bluetooth headset in
  • A drop down sunshield to protect eyestrain


  • The gloss paint might lose the color during prolonged sunlight
  • Not easy to replace the shield
  • Might be tight for some users

4. AHR German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet

Brand AHR
Item model number 5864259475
Item Weight 1 pounds
Product Dimensions 12.4 x 10.6 x 6.7 inches
Vehicle Service Type Cruiser

This retro-classic and German look never goes out of style! AHR has manufactured its cool motorcycle half helmets that brought attention to riders who want soldier aesthetics. If you a looking for a classic look for your ride, this helmet is right for you!

This vintage style headwear represents its unique features to make the best half helmets. The helmet has a very high-quality ABS shell along with a high-density buffer layer. This makes it a lightweight headgear that adds an extra layer for safe head protection. To add to this, the headgear has a D-ring strap that helps to protect the chin from injuries. You do not have to fear the helmet slipping off at high speeds!

This helmet is ideal for various kinds of riders including scooter, cruiser, chopper and many more. The headwear has great interior cushioning which makes the head feeling cool and comfortable. You do not have to deal with sweat in the heat! The helmet approves by DOT and has an ear flap to fit around the chin without feeling tight.


  • High-density buffer layer which makes it a lightweight headgear
  • Chin and D-ring strap to secure the helmet in place
  • Ear flap to fit around the chin
  • High-quality exterior for great head protection


  • Lack of ventilation
  • Might give a mushroom look
  • Interior foam is of poor quality

5. ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield Quick Release Strap – Half Head Motorcycle Helmet

Brand ILM
Item Weight2.65 pounds
Package Dimensions 11.7 x 9.6 x 6.8 inches
Item model number883V-MB-M
Vehicle Service Type ATV, UTV, Street Bike, Cruiser/ Touring, Dirt Bike, Adventure, Scooter, Snowmobile, Personal Watercraft
CAPA Certified / Safety Rating DOT Certified

ILM has brought its motorcycle helmets targeted at riders who want safe head and eye protection. This matt black appearance has made it on the list as the best half helmet. The headwear has a retractable tinted sun visor without wearing a pair of sunglasses. That way, you do not have to suffer eyestrain as the visor is retractable and becomes invisible. This benefits riding in different environments.

The headwear has an adjustable quick-release chin strap equipped with sliders to accommodate any head size and shape. This helps to wear the helmet comfortably without irritating your skin and provides maximum protection. The half head motorcycle helmet portrayed its classic design reminiscent of early riding helmets to give a sleek look. If you like classic design, you have found the right helmet!

ILM helmet is lightweight as you can slip into the bag, under the bike seat and the arm. You will not have the fear of losing the helmet! The helmet certifies by DOT.


  • Adjustable quick-release chin strap with sliders to adjust according to head size and shape
  • Very lightweight which can fit in the bag and under a bike seat
  • Retractable visor whenever possible
  • Suitable for all head size and shape
  • Sleek aesthetics


  • Sliders might break or jam when overusing
  • The exterior is not durable
  • The material of the visor is not firm to hold

6. AHR Chopper High Gloss Black S – Best Looking Half Helmet

Brand AHR
Item Weight1 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.8 x 8.8 x 6.7 inches
California residents Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Item model number 10
Safety Rating DOT Certified

AHR has brought the glossy black appearance as the best rated half helmet. This helmet can use in all sorts of riding environments. If you are looking for a cool and polished appearance of the helmet, this no mushroom head helmet is right for you!

The cool helmet has a high-quality lightweight ABS shell which gives great head protection. The helmet has a glossy finish where you will not lose colour fading in the prolonged sunlight. The product has a high-density buffer layer with a removable visor to replace easily. This allows you to change the visors without relying on tools. The headwear has an adjustable chin and D-ring strap to fasten the helmet onto the head. You will not have to worry about pinching your hair or your skin!

The helmet has great cushioning made of good quality foam to give a cool and comfortable ride. Good quality foam enhances safe head protection in the summer. This headwear is perfect for any outdoor ride as it is suitable for the cruiser, scooter, chopper and many more. The headwear certifies by DOT.


  • A high-density buffer layer
  • Good quality interior foam
  • Removable visor whenever and where possible
  • Adjustable D-ring and chin strap to secure the helmet in place
  • Very lightweight


  • The adjustment strap has no snap system
  • The visor is neither detachable nor replaceable
  • Very lightweight shell might damage the helmet and so will produce ugly marks

7. LS2 Rebellion Unisex-Adult – Low Profile Dot Half Motorcycle Helmet

ModelRebellion Half Helmet
Item Weight3 pounds
Package Dimensions10 x 10 x 14 inches
Item model number Rebellion Helmet
Cover Included Helmet^Helmet Bag^Instructions
Vehicle Service Type street-cruiser-motorcycles, street-sport-motorcycles, street-motor-scooters
Safety Rating / CAPA Certified DOT Certified

LS2 has brought the Rebellion helmet aesthetics into the motorcycling market making as the best motorcycle half helmet. The headwear has an adjustable twin shield system. This gives the ability of a drop-down sunscreen which locks a halfway down or to the bottom of the face. This allows you to choose how much coverage you need for a drop-down visor. The helmet has a quick-release chin strap to secure and remove the helmet easily. If you want to look for LS2 helmet, this half headgear is right for you!

Regarding the communication system, the no mushroom head helmet has a Bluetooth function. This allows a seamless installation of LS2 LinkIn Communication System. This will aid motorcyclists to interact with other riders. The headwear has flow-through ventilation with channelled ports. This allows giving a cool intake and exhaust vents. 

The helmet has a removable and washable inner liner to keep it clean and free from bacteria. The inner liner is hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking. If you have allergic issues, the LS2 helmet solves your problem! The liner has a laser cut to fit the helmet around the face without feeling loose or tight. 

The exterior has made in kinetic polymer alloy manufactured with Nano-particle technology. The helmet work for oval headed riders and approved by DOT. This half face helmet is suitable to wear for kids motorcycle helmets.


  • The drop-down sun visor can lock halfway or to the bottom of the face
  • Bluetooth and speakers
  • Flow-through ventilation
  • A removable and washable inner liner
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Only for oval headed riders
  • Bit heavy
  • Expensive

8. Core Deluxe – No Mushroom Lightweight Half Helmet

Core Helmets
Model Cordls0108
Item Weight 3 pounds
Package Dimensions 13.2 x 10.7 x 8.1 inches
Item model number CORDLS0108
Cover Included Core Deluxe Half Helmet (White, Large)
Vehicle Service Type street-touring-motorcycles, all-terrain-vehicles, street-cruiser-motorcycles, off-road-motorcycles, street-motor-scooters, street-sport-motorcycles, utility-vehicles

Core Deluxe helmets have made it by manufacturing cool motorcycle half helmets without compromising safety. The black aesthetic headwear has made it on the list as the best half helmets. The headwear has a zip-on and zip-off neck curtain to protect from the sun and other weather conditions. This makes a suitable helmet that can ride in different environments. The helmet has premium automotive paint and a clear coat to protect it from scratch. That way, you do not have to worry about losing its appearance!

The exterior has made in an injected thermoplastic alloy shell to give enhanced head protection. Enhanced head protection means a more comfortable helmet. This half helmet uses for all sorts of riding activities including street touring, off-road, scooter, utility vehicles and many more. The helmet has a 3-snap bubble visor to adjust for better eye protection. You can enjoy the ride with wider visibility! 

Regarding the interior, the helmet has a deluxe comfort inner liner which gives a great cushioning that allows road safety. To search for a comfortable half helmet, Core Deluxe does the job for you! The headwear meets the safety standard of DOT.


  • Zip-on and zip-off neck curtain for neck coverage
  • Premium automotive paint to prevent from scratch
  • Three-snap bubble visor for eye protection
  • Deluxe comfort interior
  • Available in five colours


  • Slightly heavy
  • Poor ventilation
  • The helmet might bring the feeling of claustrophobic

9. LS2 Unisex-Adult – Best Half Helmet for motorcycle

Brand LS2
Item Weight 3.1 pounds
Package Dimensions 11.69 x 10 x 7.8 inches
Item model numberBagger Half Helmet
Manufacturer Part Number568-3015

LS2 have best known for unisex helmets manufacturing various types of helmets meeting the riders’ requirements. The half face helmet by LS2 has a High-Performance Fibreglass Composite shell to give superior and lightweight head protection. This allows strong and lightweight protection from impacts.

The helmet has a zip-off neck skirt to keep your neck warm. This benefits to keep your neck warm in the freezing weather in which most helmets do not have this feature. The headwear has fully adjustable forehead vents to keep your head cool in warm weathers. If you want a helmet that works well in the heat, you have found the right helmet!

For ease of entertainment, the helmet has pockets for MP3 speakers for listening to music on the road. These pockets make a decent feature where you can install the headset without any tedious procedures! The headgear has a quick-release chin strap to fasten and remove the helmet effortlessly. The inner liner offers the removable and washable function to keep it clean and hypoallergenic. This helps to allow a comfortable ride. The helmet has a 3-snap peak to utilize eye protection and certifies by DOT.


  • Lightweight
  • Zip-off neck skirt to keep warm in winter
  • Neck skirt has pockets for MP3 speakers and hidden wires
  • A removable and washable inner liner
  • Hypoallergenic


  • The helmet might be difficult to speak and hear
  • Poor ventilation as it may cause suffocation
  • Quality of sponge is poor

10. Daytona German Dull Dot Approved – Best Motorcycle Half Helmet

Brand Daytona Helmets
Item Weight 2.02 pounds
Product Dimensions 16 x 16 x 16 inches
Item model number G1-B-XL
Manufacturer Part Number G1-B-XL

The German look of half face helmets has made safe head protection from impacts. Daytona has created a German-style half helmet without the look of feeling like a giant mushroom. The helmet has variable head sizes which can even fit the smallest to the biggest head sizes possible. This benefits to fit the accurate head sizes possible without feeling loose or tight.

The headwear has an adjustable chin strap that functions forwards and backwards to prevent chin pinching or hair pulling. If you have fear of the strap pinching your skin or hair, Daytona will not do that to your head! 

The helmet fully lines with custom formed interior for extreme comfort. Concerning the fabric interior, the helmet has moisture-wicking fabric that wears off the moisture to keep it dry and cool. To enjoy the summer ride without getting sweaty, Daytona is the right choice!

The rivets of the helmet have manufactured in nickel-plated tubular steel to give a seamless look to German-style headwear. If you want a German look for your ride, you can go for a Daytona half helmet! The helmet approves by DOT and provides a drawstring bag and head wrap.


  • An adjustable chinstrap where it forwards and backwards
  • Moisture-wicking fabric to keep the interior dry
  • Custom formed cushion for an extreme comfort
  • Variable head sizes
  • Includes a string bag and a head wrap


  • Not suitable to wear with a pair of sunglasses
  • The helmet might be too loose or too tight
  • Nickel and steel material might make the helmet feel heavy

Guides for Buying the Best Half Helmets

You have seen and read the reviews about what makes these products as the best half helmet. A lot of these have unique features while others have minimal features of these helmets. Despite being the least protective headgear, riders still opt for wearing a helmet with natural ventilation.

Before you jump into purchasing a half face helmet, there are certain guides to consider before buying the best leather half helmets.

Here I am going to mention these useful guides which states below:


Like any other helmets, half face helmets have exterior material which have mostly made of thermoplastic alloy, polycarbonate, fibreglass, expanded polystyrene, and Kevlar thermo polymer. These materials contribute to lightweight and sturdy helmets.

The majority of the helmets I stated above have made in polycarbonate and thermoplastic alloy. If you are looking forward to buying the best half face helmet. I recommend you buy a helmet that is either made of polycarbonate or thermoplastic alloy.

Buckle & chin straps

Free Images - SnappyGoat.com- bestof:motorcycle rider leather coat biker  caucasian male one person red brick black clothes leather bandanna skulls  looking look bad to the bone biker jacket black
Buckling the chin straps are important for head protection.

Since half face helmets provide the least head safety, chin straps must fasten properly around your chin to secure the helmet without falling off.

When buying a half-face helmet, do test the chin strap around your head.

If you are unsure of the straps look for a double D-ring buckle or Nylex chin strap.

Not fastening the chin straps correctly would result in a crash. As stated a study in Curitiba, Brazil.

Interior and cushioning

Half helmets have cushioning material to keep the head comfortable while riding. When buying a half face helmet, look for the interior that is removable and washable. And that has the highest quality foam.

The foam aids to give greater head protection and thus will likely to reduce head injuries. If your foam wears off while securing and removing, it is a sign of poor quality. To buy the best half helmets for your ride is to check the inner liner the helmet has to offer.

Safety standards

You know helmets have safety legal standards. Depending on the country and city you live, look for a half face helmet that carries either one of these: DOT, Snell or ECE standards. In the US, DOT and Snell certification is acceptable. Whereas in European countries, ECE approval is an acceptance of legal safety standards.

Head shape & size

view, yellow, tape measure, white, surface, massband, measure, meter,  length, centimeter | Pxfuel

The biggest blunder why people return helmets to the manufacturer is because of the incorrect head size and shape.

Various helmet brands have their head size charts depending on the brand you wish to buy.

But before you come into the buying decision, you must measure around your head above your eyebrows to get the correct head size to fit the helmet in. Make sure you also consider your head shape.


The majority of half helmets do not require visors which you need to acquire a pair of sunglasses or goggles. Some half helmets already have a drop-down or sun shield visor which is removable or replaceable.

When searching for a half-face helmet, look for headwear that has removable and replaceable visors. This will help you to change the visors whenever and wherever possible.


Since half face helmets already have natural ventilation on the face and at the back of the neck. Some half helmets have ventilation systems to distribute a cool and comfortable airflow.

If you are anxious about ventilation, buy a half helmet that has an adequate amount of ventilation. This will help to distribute the cool airflow during warm conditions.

Mistakes People make when wearing a Helmet

In our lives we take safety as a precautionary measure. We take safety in order to survive from the crash.

In this case, people make mistakes when wearing a motorcycle helmet. This mistake is a chance of survival. When you are told to wear the helmet, chances are it won’t serve the purpose if you don’t wear the helmet correctly.

Here I am going to tell you what mistakes people make when wearing a helmet. These errors will give you enhanced safety precautions.

Not fastening chin straps

Chin straps are the main security of the helmet when it comes to head protection. This is something that riders neglect. Riders do not secure their chin straps due to skin irritation. Although it is a dangerous concern if the helmet comes off your head during an accident. One of the best ways to quit the neglecting of chin straps is to adjust firmly around the chin. 

Not maintaining the visor

As much as safety matters for the eyes, visors are the most protective part of the eye. The visor protects the riders from wind, rain, sun, fog, dust, and insects. People do not maintain their visors after the damage. This results from reduced visibility while riding. The simple thing to do is either to clean or repair the visors.

Sticking the devices inside the helmet

In the digital world, riders want to stay connected all the time. Many riders put their phones or any other device in the helmet to communicate easier. This creates a distraction and could suffer severe head damage. If you wish to stay connected while riding, look for a helmet with Bluetooth or speakers inside.

When People Buying the wrong size

If your helmet feels loose or tight, it is a sign you are wearing the wrong helmet size. Buying the wrong helmet size can put you in a dangerous situation of head protection. If you want to take safety precautions seriously, buy the right helmet size. Additionally, buy a helmet size that is slightly bigger than that of the original head size. For female riders, the correct helmet size should accommodate any hairstyles worn.   

Re-wearing after the accident

When knocked down by another vehicle, the helmet wouldn’t serve the same head protection as it normally would. After the accident, the helmet might leave ugly marks and the foam might damage. Although the foam damage is not visible but do check your helmet after you have met an accident. If the foam wears out, the helmet has come to an end.

Putting liner padding in a washing machine

Maintaining the interior is important to keep it clean while preventing dust and anti-bacteria. The biggest mistake people make when washing interior padding is to wash it in the machine. This is a fast-paced process but not a good place to wash helmet padding. The worst part is the padding might trap during the machine wash. My simple advice is to wash inner pads by hand and dry it in the sunlight.


As expressed, best half face helmets have been around quite a while. This helmet type is perfect for those riders who want natural ventilation despite the lack of safety for the head and neck.

The selection of ten half headgears represented their unique features making the best half helmet in the gear market. To end the struggle of buying patterns, the guidance provides to purchase a suitable half face helmet.

While making a safe ride, riders make mistakes when wearing a helmet which causes accidents and injuries. These mistakes avoided taking precautions in the near future. Wearing a helmet is still a part of skull protection. It should never neglect if you want to survive from injuries. At the end of the day, head safety measures should never ignore at all costs.

So choose the best half helmets and enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions!

The best half helmet is TORC T-55 Spec-Op Half Helmet. The half face has definite features to fit in the best half helmet. With thicker exterior shell allows greater head protection from impacts.

Half helmets only protect the top part of the head securing with the chin strap. With the weaker head protection, half face helmets are more prone to crash due to partial head exposure.

The best open face helmet is ILM half face motorcycle open face helmet. The helmet has a glossy appearance to protect from prolong sun exposure and has drop down sun visor for better eye protection.

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