10 Cool Motorcycle Helmets 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Riding motorcycle thrills, not wearing a helmet kills!

cool looking motorcycle helmetRiding a motorcycle is a calm and thriving activity but can be very dangerous if you do not take safety precautions at an extreme. 

The helmet is the most protective headgear which requires the great protection of your skull.

Since not all helmets fit onto your head, fiding cool motorcycle helmets will save your head from the crash. 

Choosing cool motorcycle helmets is very important when it comes to protecting your head. 

In this article, I am going to provide you with reviews about cool motorcycle helmets. Along with buying guidance and the types of helmets you want for your ride. 

Whether you want a plain black or a striking gold thunder, there are options available to choose the coolest motorcycle helmets. 

Overview – Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

I have picked out the coolest motorcycle helmets 2023 which best fit your style and for the purpose of safety measures. Not only picking out the coolest motorbike helmets but providing tips and guidance when buying a helmet based on colour, size, quality and price. Each helmet has certain provisions that suit your desires and aim you safer head protection.

Some of these cool looking helmets might familiarise your attention. While some of these helmets serve for a certain helmet type. (For example, a full face helmet offers the safest head protection). 

Some helmets have unisex which suits both genders. I select these cool helmets based on my personal choice and great user experience. These headgears represent unique and cool motorcycle helmets. 

Cool Motorcycle Helmets for Men and Women – Indepth Reviews

By allowing all of these 10 cool motorcycle helmet reviews to make sure they have the best quality. And suits your demand at a reasonable price. The table below shows the list of 10 unique motorcycle helmets:


YEMA YM-831 Helmet Review and PriceYEMA YM-831 Helmet Review and Price Check Price
1Storm Motorcycle Helmet1Storm Motorcycle Helmet Check Price
GLX Unisex- Adult GX15 Cool Looking Motorcycle HelmetGLX Unisex- Adult GX15 Check Price
HJC Helmet Marvel IS 17- IRONMANHJC Helmet Marvel IS 17- IRONMAN Check Price
LS2 Helmet Rapid Crypt Graphic Coolest Motorcycle HelmetsLS2 Helmet Rapid Crypt Graphic Check Price
HJC Unisex Spiderman HomecomingHJC Unisex Spiderman Homecoming Check Price
TORC T27 Avenger Helmet TORC T27 Avenger Helmet Check Price
X4 Adult ATV Off-Road Helmet Cool Motorcycle HelmetX4 Adult ATV Off-Road Helmet Check Price
NENKI Helmet NK-852NENKI Helmet NK-852 Check Price
X4 ATV Off-Road Quad MX MotocrossX4 ATV Off-Road Quad MX Motocross Check Price

1. YEMA YM-831 – Yema Helmet Review – Cool Helmets for Motorcycles 

Brand YEMA
Item Weight 3.53 pounds
Product Dimensions 14.2 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches
Item model number YM-831MBM
Manufacturer Part Number YM-831MBM
Safety Rating &
CAPA Certified
DOT Certified

This helmet ranks as number 1 on the list of cool-looking motorcycle helmet. What makes this helmet great? YEMA helmet released the YM-831 model in 2017. This motorcycle helmet is suitable for various kinds of riders, from commuters to adventurous riders. The good thing about this cool-looking motorcycle helmet it’s wearable for men and women. The helmet has an aerodynamic shell that secures a quick-release buckle in which you can take off your helmet easily. The aerodynamic shell helps to keep your head streamlined at high speeds. This helps to reduce drag that makes a cool motorcycle helmet. You will not suffer headaches and dizziness on long rides!

The helmet has a sun visor to protect from sun glare and provides a replaceable clear visor. You do not have to deal with eyestrain and allows you to ensure a clear vision! To avoid suffocation, the product has an adjustable intake and exhaust vents system to keep you cool and comfortable. You do not have to suffer suffocation in the heat! This gear makes cool motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth to install your headset for enjoyable communication. To search for a cool motorcycle helmet that provides a space for a Bluetooth headset, YEMA is all you need!

YEMA has made it easier by placing cushioned inner liners and pads to make it washable and removable. This aids rider to refrain from the helmet free from odour and keeping it clean. The helmet certifies by DOT and depicts it in matte black to give a striking aesthetic of the headgear. The matt black color makes a safe helmet for greater road safety.


  • Cheap price
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • DOT certified
  • Adjustable buckle
  • The clear visor is installable and removable
  • Lots of advanced features like Dirt, ATV, Quad and many more
  • Lightweight


  • No extra accessories
  • Painted in matte black which may wear off the helmet and ruin the aesthetic during prolonged sunlight
  • Only available in one colour

2. 1Storm – Stylish Motorcycle Helmets

Brand 1Storm
Model Hg335abs
Item Weight 4.75 pounds
Package Dimensions 14.1 x 11.4 x 11 inches
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Safety Rating DOT Certified

This piece of head protector became my second cool motorcycle helmets. 1Storm emerged this helmet in 2016 that makes a safety gear for added protection. With its ultra-lightweight feature, 1Storm has manufactured with a thermoplastic alloy shell along with an aerodynamic appearance. This aids in making the helmet durable for long periods. The helmet has a glossy design to protect the rider from UV light. No sunlight will damage the exterior of this helmet! You can ride safely without feeling extra pressure on your head!

Regarding the interior, the cool looking motorcycle helmet has cosy and cushioned inner pads to feel casual and comfortable. This helps to keep your head fit and comfortable for long periods. The helmet is removable and washable to conserve dust and odour. The cool motorcycle helmets have a three-level top control and five-position ventilation channel. This gives the rider to customise the ventilation channel and control the system based on your preference. You will not suffer suffocation in this helmet!

The cool motorcycle helmet certifies by DOT and provides an extra accessory which is a pair of full-finger gloves available in black. To be cautious with eye protection, the shield has 3 options (clear, smoked and tinted) to utilise on the road. This saves you from eyestrains and allows you to ride safely in extreme conditions.


  • A variety of colours and sizes
  • Cheap price
  • Three shield options according to eye protection needed
  • Lightweight
  • Washable and removable pads
  • A pair of gloves is available


  • Slightly heavy for some users
  • Might be a bit tight as it is full face covered
  • Thermoplastic shell might raise environmental concerns

3. GLX Unisex- Adult GX15 – Cool Looking Motorcycle Helmet

Brand GLX
Model GX15
Item Weight4 pounds
Package Dimensions14 x 11 x 10 inches
Cover Included Helmet Bag
CAPA CertifiedDOT Certified
Safety RatingDOT Certified

GLX has come up with a robust and vibrant look for this unique motorcycle helmet. The helmet is lightweight and suitable for men and women. The helmet came out in 2018 which makes the third list of cool motorcycle helmets. To look for a helmet with a vibrant and robust appearance, GLX has all the functions you need! With an optimal aerodynamic aesthetic, the GLX helmet has manufactured a polycarbonate exoskeleton to give an impact of greater head protection. A stronger shell means a safer ride!

The headgear provides soundproofing material to safeguard a smooth ride without any distractions on the road. No noise or wind will disturb your ride, thanks to the soundproofing function! The GX15 model has large upper and lower vents to give the rider an efficient feel of air circulation. You can adjust the vents without feeling suffocated! The product has a built-in tinted visor which is removable to protect from sun glare. No sunlight will cause you eyestrain! Along with an amendable face, shield to protect from the fog and strong wind. A wide vision means riding safely in the fog and wind.

The helmet designs in 3D moulded face to provide a clear view without any distortion at all costs. The helmet has an inner material of microfiber that absorbs sweat and is washable and replaceable. This makes a great ride in the heat and certifies by DOT.


  • Unisex helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Removable breath guard to reduce shield fogging and wind
  • Inserted chin curtain to reduce noise and wind turbulence


  • Soundproofing material might be difficult to hear and speak
  • Increase absorption of sweat will cause head problems such as dizziness
  • Tinted visor might be difficult to see

4. HJC Helmet Marvel IS 17- IRONMAN – Cool Motorcycle Helmets for Men

Brand HJC Helmets
Model 594-913
Item Weight 4.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 15 x 11 x 11 inches
Cover Includedhelmet^shield^bag
CAPA Certified DOT Certified

HJC has come up with cool looking motorcycle helmet that inspired Marvel superheroes. If you are a fan of Iron Man, this helmet is right for you! Why is this helmet on the list? The striking Iron Man innovation has caught the attention of superhero fans that will save your head from the crash. HJC Helmet has an advanced polycarbonate composite shell that allows a full face shape to fit onto your head. This allows a lightweight helmet that will save you from headaches and dizziness for a streamlining position.

In regard to face protection, the helmet has a pin lock feature which gives a 100% Max-vision prepared face shield to protect from sun glare. No rays of sunlight will create a disoriented vision! With the advanced CAD technology, this headwear has great comfort which gives you a sleek fitting without suffocation. You do not have to struggle with adjusting your fit! The helmet has an anti-scratch coating to protect 95% UV light. This allows you to have wide visibility for a safe ride.

The safety standard certified by DOT. The cool looking motorcycle helmet has an Advanced Channelling Ventilation System (ACS) to distribute front to back airflow. This gets rid of heat and humidity feeling cool and dry. You will not have to deal with suffocation in various conditions!


  • Crown & cheek pads are removable and washable
  • Anti-bacterial moisture fabric
  • Includes air deflector
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • No Bluetooth
  • Might cause the feeling of claustrophobic

5. LS2 Helmet Rapid Crypt Graphic – Coolest Motorcycle Helmet

Brand LS2 Helmets
Model 353-1105
Item Weight 3 pounds
Package Dimensions 14.3 x 10.8 x 10.3 inches
California residentsClick here for Proposition 65 warning
Item model number 353-1105
Cover IncludedHelmet^Bag^Paper Work
Safety Rating DOT Certified

LS2 unisex headgear has made a striking graphic that has fit in the cool full face motorcycle helmets. The helmet emerged in the market and online in 2018. LS2 Helmet has an aerodynamic shell with a lightweight product to make it a firm and damage-free exterior. This helps to prevent headaches and dizziness on long rides. A lightweight gear makes cool motorcycle helmets for safe head protection!

The brand provides a pair of gloves for an enjoyable ride. With adjustable ventilation, the helmet circulates a sufficient airflow to keep the wearer cool and cosy. You will not suffer suffocation or sweat in the heat! The full face helmet has two shells to give the fitting of the smallest and lightest possible size of the head. This allows a more streamlined ride. That way, you do not have to struggle with inaccurate helmet size!

The face shield is UV resistant and changes without the use of tools. In regard to face allergies, the comfort padding is hypoallergenic and enrols a neck roll design to seal the noise up to a minimum level. This prevents distractions and will help the rider to have a peaceful ride. No noise or wind will get in your way! The helmet meets the certification of DOT and ECE standards portraying a cool motorcycle helmet.


  • Aerodynamic
  • Lightweight
  • Has a 3D foam layer for extra head comfort
  • Provides a neck roll to prevent noise up to a minimum level
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Too tight to fit in your head
  • Might cause suffocation
  • The face shield is not anti-scratch

6. HJC Unisex Spiderman Homecoming – Funky & Unique Motorcycle Helmet

Brand HJC Helmets
Model Marvel
Item Weight 4 pounds
Product Dimensions 15 x 11 x 11 inches
California residents Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Item model number 138-913
Cover Included helmet^shield^bag
Safety Rating DOT Certified

HJC has manufactured a superhero designed helmet for a fun ride. If you are a fan of Spiderman, here is the super and cool motorcycle helmet for you! HJC Spiderman Homecoming has made it the ‘coolest’ motorcycle helmet on the list. With the innovative Spiderman headwear, the smooth exterior design gives a superior fit with the light in weight. This benefits to avoid headaches in long rides and contours your head accurately.

The helmet has a hard-coated 3D design which gives the shield 95% of UV protection. This helps to protect the helmet from UV light and does not lose colour fading. You will enjoy the ride with this striking appearance on this gear! With an anti-scratch coating, the helmet has a shield replacement system adding a hassle-free tool-less removal. This delivers an easy installation for better motorcycle headwear. You can change the shields without relying on screwdrivers!

The full face helmet has an Advanced Channelling Ventilation System (ACV) with an adjustable forehead and chin vents to spread the cool airflow around the whole head. This airflow eliminates heat and humidity. You can ride in the heat without feeling suffocated!

Regarding comfort and interior, the helmet has Nylex material cheek pads and liner to fit the helmet by giving a focused face shape. The liners are fully removable and washable to safeguard dust and dirt. This product certifies by DOT and acquires dual-lens to care for eye protection. You can wear this helmet for a wide vision on the road!


  • Multiple optional shields (RST mirrored, smoke, race shields etc.)
  • Easily converts to snowmobile application with optional dual lens
  • Range of colours and sizes
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Only large sizes are available
  • Bit noisy
  • The helmet might be a bit loose

7. TORC T27 Avenger Helmet – Best Looking Motorcycle Helmet

ModelT27 FWT RS M
Item Weight 1 pound
Package Dimensions15 x 11.3 x 10.5 inches
Item model number T27 FWT RS M
Manufacturer Part Number 15 x 11.3 x 10.5 inches

TORC has brought the Avenger character helmet to present a cool aesthetic for Captain America. Fitting in the cool motorcycle helmets. If you love Captain America, this helmet is right for you! Why on this list?

The cool-looking motorcycle helmet emerged in 2015 which has a significant intake venting and exhaust system to give a cool and misty airflow in the helmet. This helps to save from suffocation and keep your head comfortable in the heat. The helmet has 20% smaller equal protection. This helps to make the helmet lightweight for an accurate helmet fitting. The helmet has one release button mechanism for the chin bar. This makes it easier for the wearer to remove the helmet with just one hand. You do not have to struggle with opening the chin bar!

The shell of the helmet has made in a thermoplastic alloy which gives great protection from damage. The product allows a perfect fit for oval headed shape. If you are round or long oval, this helmet is not right for you. The inner liner is removable and washable. This helps to get rid of odour, dust and bacteria for a clean helmet. The headwear meets the safety standards of DOT and ECE.


  • Good exhaust and intake vent system
  • Smaller and more compact which gives a good fit
  • Lightweight
  • DOT approved
  • Damage free exterior


  • Expensive
  • Smaller helmets might be tight
  • Only fits for oval headed shape

8. X4 Adult ATV Off-Road Helmet – Coolest Motorcycle Helmet

Brand X4
Item Weight 5 pounds
Product Dimensions 14 x 11 x 11 inches
Item model number 407
Manufacturer Part Number 407
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Safety Rating DOT Certified

The X4 brand has come up with a striking red and white appearance which has made it the coolest looking motorcycle helmets. This sleek and aerodynamic design is suitable for various rides representing cool sportbike helmets. If you ride off the street and want safe head protection, X4 offers all the features you need!

The dirtbike helmet contributes a pair of ATV goggles and gloves. This allows you to enjoy the ride for safer protection off the street! The headgear has made in Multi-Density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and ABS plastic mould to protect from high speeds. These materials make a lightweight helmet where you will not suffer headaches and neck pains on the road. The helmet has a removable and replaceable sun visor to give it maximum sun coverage and add a sense of style. This provides a wide field of vision without any residues entering your eyes.

The headwear has multiple vents to allow fresh airflow to keep the wearer cool and comfortable in the head without requiring soundproof in cold weather. You can enjoy the ride when riding in cold weather! The product has a removable and washable inner liner. To support the helmet in place, the product has a reinforced chin strap to adjust around the chin. The headwear approves by DOT. This Off-Road helmet fits in the list of cool motorcycle helmets.


  • Multiple ventilation systems
  • Suitable for both genders
  • Strong exterior material which aids it to protect from high speed
  • Double D-ring buckle


  • Slightly heavy
  • Vents only work in cold weather
  • Limited colours
  • Unavailable in small sizes
  • Double buckle might feel tight

9. NENKI Helmet NK-852 – Awesome Motorcycle Helmet

Item Weight 1 pounds
Package Dimensions 14.9 x 11.1 x 11.1 inches
Item model number NK-852
Manufacturer Part Number NK-852

NENKI has brought its chromatic gold model NK-852 on the cool motorcycle helmets. The helmet arrived in the market and online in 2017 which makes a very lightweight protective headgear. If you want headgear with a chromatic gold design, you have found the right helmet! The exterior of the helmet has made in a Thermoplastic Injected Shell that gives a great impact absorption of expanded polystyrene. This gives good protection from damage and other harsh conditions. No elements will damage this helmet in prolonged durations!

The helmet has a dual visor. This supplies the outer visor with the inner sun shield to give it great protection from too much sunlight passing the wearers’ eyes. You will not face disoriented vision on long rides and provides wide visibility!

In regard to the interior, the helmet has multiple ventilation systems dispensing the cool airflow in the head coming from different directions. This helps to distribute sufficient airflow without feeling suffocated. More ventilation means less sweat in the heat! The product has a removable and washable inner liner and certifies by DOT. The headwear has made it great head protection for a cool motorcycle helmet.      


  • Very lightweight
  • Dual visor
  • DOT certified
  • Thermoplastic
  • Multiple ventilation systems


  • Expensive
  • Visor only protects sunlight
  • Exterior chromatic gold material might leave scratches if not handled carefully
  • No adjustable chin strap

10. X4 ATV Off-Road Quad MX Motocross – Best Smart Motorcycle Helmet

Brand X4
Item Weight 3.95 pounds
Product Dimensions 14 x 11 x 11 inches
Item model number 407
Manufacturer Part Number 407
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Safety Rating DOT Certified

X4 ATV Helmet has made cool motorcycle helmets for ATV riders. This product has fit in the coolest motorcycle helmets which almost match the same product as the previous one on the list. With a fairly cheap price, the X4 brand emerged the helmet in the market and online in 2013. To jump into the features, this helmet is great for speedy riders available in different head sizes. To ride off the street, you have found the right dirtbike helmet!

The helmet presents for men and women and has a reinforced chin strap. To commit great chin support, the helmet includes a double D-ring buckle to secure the headwear in place. Regarding the feeling of comfort, the helmet has multiple ventilation systems to give an optimum amount of airflow. This makes a comfortable ride in the heat where you will not suffer sweat and enjoy the comfort n this gear.

The headwear provides a removable and replaceable sun visor designed for great protection from sun glare. This saves your eyes from disoriented vision. The helmet certifies by DOT and has a hard shell made of the aerodynamic plastic mould. The hard plastic mould gives a lightweight helmet to reduce pressure on your head and neck in long rides.


  • Both genders
  • Aerodynamic
  • Very cheap
  • Hardshell protection
  • Targeted for various kinds of riders
  • Range of colours and sizes


  • Noisy which lacks a soundproofing system
  • Limited range of visors as visors are only used for sun protection
  • Only available in large and medium
  • Double buckle might feel tight

Factors to Consider When Buying a Coolest Looking Motorcycle Helmet

So here is the list of 10 cool motorcycle helmets where you can choose a helmet based on different kinds of riding conditions. Whether it’s for a winter motorcycle race or just simply commuting to work, the choices of cool helmets for motorcycles are never-ending. You can see not all helmets are 100% perfect!

They represent their benefits and pitfalls for a greater headgear while meeting the riders’ requirements. Now it is your job to consider the decision before buying cool helmet designs. But before you make the choice, there are definite factors to think of before buying a cool looking motorcycle helmet.

The buying factors mention below:

1- Legal Certification

Each helmet certifies by a safety standard of transportation before it arrives on the market. This depends on the state you live in and the law of motorcycle riding you follow. In this case, the helmets I revealed in these reviews approved mainly by DOT (Department of Transportation).

Other legal certifications include Snell and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) are acceptable for an approved helmet. This legal approval must consider seriously as not all safety stamps approve in one city or country. To buy cool motorcycle helmets for your ride is to consider the legal safety stamps.

2- Exterior of the Helmet

The exterior of the helmet refers to the outer material which is the ‘shell’ of the product. If you want to protect your head from accidents, you need to have a look at the material of the helmet. Most headgears are made of polycarbonate or thermoplastic mould which considers a solid and lightweight material.

If a helmet has a solid material and survives in the worst conditions without prior damage, it is a sign of durability. This gives a greater skull and brain protection which you must consider the exterior of the helmet before making a decision of purchasing.

3- Head Size & Shape

The worst problem why people suffer head injuries is the wrong head size and shape. If you feel wobbly, your helmet size is wrong. Head size is an important factor to think through when buying a helmet.

If you are unsure of the size and shape of your head, just simply take a measuring tape measure around your head and look at the size charts. Do take care that different helmet brands have their head size chart. Buy a helmet with the right head size that gives you maximum comfort in your head.  

4- Design

cool full face helmets
Do check out the coolest motorcycle helmets!

Cool motorcycle helmets tend to have eye-catching aesthetics! Do you like helmets with stunning designs and cool stickers of your favourite superhero? If your answer is a yes, there are endless helmet designs that you can look at!

The design is the most attentive factor to ruminate as every rider have a different taste of aesthetics to suit the personality. The design of the headwear must appeal to the wearer as appearance matters as much as safety does. If you like the style of your helmet, you can take care of it without prior destruction. To buy cool motorcycle helmets just have a look at the list above.

5- Retention System

cool motorcycle helmet with bluetooth

Securing your helmet in place is an essential factor to consider before buying the helmet. The reason why people face their helmet is not in place is because of the improper buckle of the ring strap.

Most headgears I stated in these reviews are D-ring double straps which is mandatory. To make sure your helmet straps well around your chin, you have to make it tight without feeling slippery or unbreathable. Try to buy a helmet that has a D-ring strap or a quick release buckle.  

6- Visor

cool helmet motorcycle

The majority of helmets have a visor which is the ‘sunglasses’ of the helmet. This aids riders to protect their eyes from sun glare and other residues.

Some helmets only have one visor while others have different kinds of visors to shield from tough weather conditions.

You have to look at various visors which is removable and replaceable without the use of tools. I suggest you look for visors that are resist scratching and free from fog and other weather conditions.

7- Interior of the Helmet

The interior of the helmet plays a major role in the headgear accessory. To make sense of the comfort, you must look at the ventilation system and the amount of airflow acquires around your head. You do not want the interior of your helmet to end up covered in dirt and dust!

Having a removable and washable inner liner is essential as this will prevent dust, fungus and microbes from entering the headwear. The helmet must have an efficient amount of ventilation to allow ongoing breathing. This will make your helmet feel comfortable during the ride.

Types of Coolest Motorcycle Helmet

At least you have one or more factors in your mind to consider before making a buying decision. But do you know there are certain types of helmets that fit in your face and head coverage? Well if you don’t know, don’t worry!

There are different types of helmets which serve the purpose of the face and head coverage to best fit the needs for various types of riders. The existence of certain kinds of helmets aids riders to know which helmet covers which parts of the face.

There are 6 types of helmets and each of them mentions below:

1. Modular Helmet

Cool Looking Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Modular helmets are also known as flip-up helmets as this helmet type is a combination of full face and open face. The reason it is named modular is that this helmet ‘flips up’ the chin bar or the visor to open the helmet easily.

Modular helmets tend to have a dual visor which the inner visor gives extra eye protection from sun glare and other residues. In terms of weight, modular helmets are slightly heavier than other helmets due to extra components added to the visor.

This type of helmet is suitable for adventurers, motorbike travellers and cruisers. As it has an upright position to keep the eye level straight while giving a streamlined ride.

2. Cool Full Face Helmet

As the name suggests, full face helmets cover the face and neck to give stronger protection from various head injuries. The best part about this kind of helmet is the chin bar which aids the wearer to keep the chin and jaw securely in place.

Full face helmets statistically considers the safest headwear due to full coverage. This helmet is suitable for all types of riders. It is obvious full-face helmets tend to have a ventilation system to get rid of sweat and fog for a smooth and comfortable ride. This also helps to free from distractions such as wind and noise.

Cool Full Face motorcyle helmet

3. Half Face Helmet

Cool Half Face motorcycle Helmet

As you can tell from the name, half-face helmets only cover the top part of the head leaving the neck and the rest of the face bare. The helmet design had inspired by soldiers or military officers. This helmet only covers from the forehead down to the eyebrows giving minimum head protection.

The helmet does not provide a visor that gives a massive airflow of the face but raises concerns about eye protection. To combat this issue, wearers need to provide goggles. Half face helmets consider the least protected helmet due to lack of head and eye protection. In a rare case, half helmets do have an attachable visor.

4. Off Road Helmet

Off-Road helmets refer to as Dirtbike, Motocross, and MX. This kind of helmet uses for off-road or riding dangerous streets. This helmet type is best for riders who love to ride away from roads and take risks to ride on dirty streets. Off-Road helmets tend to have an extra-wide visor and an elongated chin bar for better airflow.

These Off-Road helmets designed to give greater head protection with little weight. Since this helmet type has no visor which wearers require to wear goggles. This kind of helmet leaves a good ventilation system in warmer conditions. Off-Road helmets tend to have a lightweight material to prevent fatigue during long rides.

Cool Off Road Helmet

5. Dual Sport Helmet

Cool Dual Sport Helmet

Dual Sport helmet is known by many names: Crossover, ADV, Hybrid, and Enduro. As the name suggests Dual Sport, is a helmet that has a combination of full face and off road helmets. This helmet type has a huge visor and a lower chin bar which gives good head protection.

The headwear type has a greater interior padding which gives a far cosier comfort compared to full-face helmets. Dual Sport helmets are available in a range of colours and styles and have a soundproof system to keep the noise as low as possible. This type of helmet is suitable for sporty riders and riding on and off the street.

6. Open Face Helmet

Open face helmets refer to as three-quarter helmets as it covers the top, back, and sides of the head leaving the face visible. This type of helmet is great for those riders who want a huge wind whooshing across their faces! This helmet type is best for scooters and cruisers.

Open face helmets have a good protection of the head but leave poor protection for the jaw. Open face helmets tend to have few safety measures. This helmet does not protect from tough weather conditions (fog, rain, etc.) but equips with visors for enhanced eye protection.  

Cool Open Face Helmet


Cool motorcycle helmets help to protect your head in the event of an impact.  Whether you are a simple commuter or a thrashing motorcycle adventurer, helmets will always be safe headwear. These reviews provide you to find the cool motorcycle helmets. One of the best ways when purchasing a helmet is to wear it on your head to feel the comfort, head fit, legal certification, quality and ventilation.

You must refer to these guides and the types of helmets before you come up with a buying decision. Each helmet represents a different product function and only one will secure in your head based on the size, head shape and rider you are. 

These cool motorcycle helmets will give you a safe ride based on the aesthetics and headwear design. Your helmet choice is a matter of head safety concerns. Even if you ignore it, your head protection should never compromise when buying really cool motorcycle helmets.

So buy cool motorcycle helmets and enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions!

The coolest motorcycle helmet is YEMA YM-831 as it targets from various type of riders. The full face helmet has definite features such as aerodynamic and lightweight shell to prevent drag.

The best motorbike helmet to buy is LS2 helmet Rapid Crypt Graphic. The helmet has great coverage with a striking cool design to stand out on the road. This allows a greater head protection.

The best cheap motorcycle helmet is 1Storm Full Face helmet Matt Black. The Full face has greater fit and protects your head from severe impacts. With the cool-looking design will allow you to provide with a safe head protection.

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