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Sena is a recognized headset brand where users have utilized communication and entertainment without relying on wires.

Riders have the choice to keep in touch with their buddies by searching for the Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth headset.

To stay connected on the go, I am going to present to you the Bluetooth headset of Sena 20S-01 review.

sena motorcycle communication system

Factors to Consider Before Buying Sena 20S-01 Headset

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Before I jump into the review, there are certain things to consider before buying a Bluetooth headset.

Such buying considerations mention below:

Sound quality

Sound quality is important when planning to buy a Bluetooth headset. Having a great sound quality helps to ensure a crisp voice during the wind and noise for clearer communication. To buy a Bluetooth headset for your ride is to consider the clear sound quality.

Voice command

The voice command helps to say a few words without relying on pressing buttons when taking calls or changing songs. This helps to ensure a safe hands-free function. To buy a headset is to consider the voice command.

Easy to use

The Bluetooth headset must be easy to use and should be easy to install onto your helmet. Having a user-friendly Bluetooth headset should be easy to use in all helmet types. If you have chosen a headset that has complicated features, then it is not user-friendly. To look for a headset that is easy to use.


Bluetooth headsets serve the purpose of transmitting files to different devices in less than minutes. Some Bluetooth brands only pair up with the same brand and others can pair with non-branded headsets. To look for a headset for your ride is to look for a device that is compatible with different devices of various brands.

Intercom range

The distance of the intercom is one of the most technical features that have advanced in Bluetooth headsets. This is important when interacting with fellow riders. To buy a suitable headset for your ride is to consider the distance of the intercom.

Number of riders

The number of riders comes into consideration, as you want to use a headset to interact for group riding. Most headsets accommodate a certain number of riders required for communication. To look for a Bluetooth device is to consider the number of riders.


Multitasking has become an important part of operating multiple functions at the same time. If you are one of those riders who do multitask often, you need to choose a Bluetooth headset that comprises multi-task technology.


Wearing a Bluetooth headset will expose you to different weather conditions happening in the environment. Most headsets have a weatherproof function to resist rain, dust, and snow damaging the device. To buy a headset is to look for a headset that resists different weather patterns.

Battery life

The battery life of a headset is important, as you do not want to drain the battery on the road. To have long-lasting durability is to search for a Bluetooth device that has a long battery life and last the whole duration on the road


Price comes into consideration but should not compromise that a headset offering a cheap price will benefit a great Bluetooth device. To buy a suitable headset is to look for a device that offers a reasonable price and comprises such features in which you can operate.

Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System

Here I am going to jump into the features of the Sena 20S-01 review. The Sena motorcycle communication system has certain functions to make a great device. What is so good about Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth headset?

Size:  Single

Model20S-01 Single Pack Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System
Item Weight0.13 Pounds

To unwrap the features, the headset has Bluetooth 4.0 technology with the universal intercom distance to keep in touch up to 2 km with eight riders. To go for a Bluetooth headset for a large communication group, you are on the right page! With the universal function, the Bluetooth headset is compatible with all Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth headsets. A wider connection means greater compatibility! To ensure a great sound quality, the headset has crystal-clear HD audio with Sena’s Advanced Noise Control to block ambient noise in noisy and tough environments. No noise or wind will disturb your intercom conversation!

Sena 20S-01 has high-quality Bluetooth stereo speakers to ensure smooth and crisp sound quality. Stronger pair of speakers means clear sound quality! The Bluetooth headset has audio multitasking technology that allows you to have an intercom conversation for listening to music, FM radio, or GPS. You can use more than one feature! This eliminates the hassle of pressing one button per feature. The product has motion sensor technology that allows you to pair with Bluetooth devices with the shake of the 20s. You can pair with multiple devices on the go!

For ensuring a safe ride, Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth device has a hands-free voice command where you can say a few words and the voice commands do the rest. This eases off the hassle of pressing buttons. The headset has the optional Handlebar Remote control to allow you more flexibility. This helps to control the features without any distractions coming your way.


  • Communicate up to 8 riders with a distance up to 2 km
  • Audio multitasking technology where you do multiple features at the same time
  • A noise control to block ambient noise on the road
  • Pairs up with Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth devices
  • Easy to install and easy to use


  • Not waterproof
  • The connection breaks in a turning point
  • Weak volume control during long rides

Features & Benefits of Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Key Features

  • An intercom distance to keep in touch up to 2km with eight riders for a smooth communication function. This benefit to interact with fellow riders up to eight people even during long distances.
  • The Bluetooth headset has universal compatibility that pairs up with Sena and non-Sena headsets. This benefit to pairing with Sena Bluetooth users and non-Sena users for working with different Bluetooth brands of different models.
  • The headset has crystal-clear HD audio with Advanced Noise Control to block ambient noise. This helps to ensure a clear voice during tough conditions without any noise or wind disrupting the communication system.
  • An audio multitasking technology to interact while listening to music, radio or GPS at the same time. This benefit to complete multiple tasks simultaneously without having to do one task at a time.
  • The headset has a motion sensor technology to pair up with multiple devices with the shake of the 20s. This benefit ensures a fast process of pairing multiple devices without the hassle of using wires.
  • To ride safely, the headset device has a hands-free voice command to deliver voice instructions by saying a few words on the road. This benefit to deliver instructions without taking the hands from the handlebars.
  • The device has the optional Handlebar Remote control to control the features without taking the hands off the handlebars. This benefit to allow more flexibility of an easier operation.

Volume Control 4.3/5

The Sena 20S Bluetooth headset has great ratings of volume control that likened by many users. Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth headset has greater control functions that control the features with the remote control or Sena Smartphone app. This has advanced in today’s world where you can control the features with your phone or with remote control. You have the ability to have a user-friendly product!

With the greater compatibility of pairing up, the headset can pair with Sena and non-Sena headsets for ease of connectivity. This benefit to working with different Bluetooth brands of various models.

The good thing about the great volume control is the audio multitasking technology that helped many users to communicate and listen to music, radio or GPS. This saves time and hassle on presing buttons per feature.

With the great user interface, the headset has a hands-free voice command by delivering voice instructions without using your hands. This saves from road accidents.

Easy to Install 4.1/4

Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth headset has praised by many users in which they stated that the headset is easy to install. The Bluetooth headset has a long and durable battery life, which makes it a great connection for long periods. Longer battery life means greater connectivity!

With greater compatibility, the Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth headset can easily install onto different helmet types. If you wear different helmet types, this headset will make a great device for communication and entertainment. The product comes with a wired mic, a stick-on helmet mount and an additional wired boom mic. This makes installation easier.   

Sound Quality 4/5

The users of Sena 20S-01 have satisfied with the clear sound quality by having a long-distance range that communicates up to eight riders. This makes a great intercom function that users can interact with fellow riders at such a distance. Users are happy with the clear sound quality but face issues with the volume control. 

The crystal-clear HD audio with high-quality stereo speakers makes a great sound quality without any noise coming in the way. This benefit communicates in busiest environments. The Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth headset is easy to use that helps to communicate on the road safely.

Noise Cancellation 3.8/5

Sena 20S-01 has the advanced feature of noise cancellation; the Bluetooth has met the expectations of riding peacefully with the use of Advanced Noise Control. This allowed riders to control the noise to ensure a safe ride for communication and entertainment.

Water Resistance 3.6/5

Sena 20S-01 is not waterproof, users pointed out the headset died in the heavy rain. The headset exposes to different weather conditions. This exposure affected the internal components of the headset that causes the product to malfunction. With below-average ratings has disappointed the users for the water disturbing the headset. This headset needs certain care in the rain to avoid malfunction. To buy this headset, be sure you handle this device in different conditions!

Alternatives and Comparison

To go for an alternative device for your ride, I am going to present you with Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth 4.1 Headset and Sena 30K-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System.

Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth 4.1 Headset

Cardo BACKTALK Bluetooth Headset is different from Sena 20S-01 in terms of price and features. The Bluetooth headset has a DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) system that connects up to 15 riders. This makes a great distance range up to 8km. The headset has parallel audio streaming where the rider can communicate and listen to music, GPS and radio at the same time.

The Bluetooth has a universal pairing to conduct conversations with non-Cardo headsets. The headset has a remote control function and easy setup with the use of the Cardo Connect app. The product has a voice command for hands-free operation. To protect the headset from damage, the product is waterproof and dustproof. The price of this headset is $383.51.

Sena 30K-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Sena 30K-01 differs from Sena 20S-01 in terms of price and certain functions. The Bluetooth headset has two modes of Mesh. This is the Open-Mesh intercom to communicate up to the total number of 24 riders. The headset has a Mesh 2.0 intercom range that extends up to 8km with a minimum of 6 people connected.

The product can pair up with multiple devices and comprises taking/making phone calls, listening to music, and listening to GPS navigation. The Bluetooth headset has Sena 30K audio multitasking technology to communicate through Mesh intercom while listening to music, taking calls, and GPS at the same time. The product is water-resistant and the price of this headset is $279.00

Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth 4.1 HeadsetSena 30K-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System
Distance Range8km8km with 2km in open terrain
Number of Riders15 ridersTotal 24 with 6 riders connected
MultitaskingParallel Audio StreamingSena 30K audio multitasking


The Sena 20S-01 headset model has certain features to make a great headset, as the product is easy to install onto the helmet. Sena 20S-01 Bluetooth headset has a great sound quality that makes clear communication on the road. These two reasons make a great headset to enjoy connectivity.

So buy Sena 20S-01 headset now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Sena 20S and Sena 20S Evo?

The Sena 20S EVO has designed with a fixed antenna as opposed to the flip-up antenna of the 20S. This fixed antenna design helps to improve the stability and distance in-group motorcycle riding. The feature allows a robust performance.

Is the Sena 30K better than the 20S?

The Sena 30K is the updated version of the 20S-EVO. They both offer FM radio, audio multitasking, advanced noise control, Bluetooth 4.1 capability and voice commands.

What is the latest firmware for Sena 20S?

Sena releases the firmware version 1.0. 2 for 30K, 6 for 20S/20S EVO and 1.4 for 10S. You can upgrade the firmware through Device manager V3.

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