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Motorcycle gears have manufactured different riders who are born with different physiques. However, not all gears will fit the same for each rider as riders have different weights and heights.

If you are one of those riders who end up wearing the wrong gear size, I am going to provide you with motorcycle gear for big guys.

Buying the Right Gear for Big Guys

Riders struggle to find the right protective gear that fits their physique as some gears target different body shapes and sizes to ensure comfortable protection.

Motorcycle Gear for Big Guys

There are different ways to interpret big guys like tall and skinny, tall and athletic, and tall and bulky. To understand these three physiques in-depth, there are different ways to choose the right gear for a snug fit.

Tall and Skinny

Tall and skinny riders have trouble finding the right gear in which they ended up buying protective gears that have a shorter length in the sleeves, inseam, and torso. This results in looking thinner and strange when buying jackets and pants. They tend to find a bigger size that makes them look oversized in appearance. This results in partial coverage where it provides the most protection from impacts. For example, a jacket that only covers half of your arms, leaving the forearms and wrist exposed.

If you are tall and lean and have trouble with the right gear, you should go for a long motorcycle jacket that provides with European size. The reasons I have mentioned European size is that protective gear that follows the European size have designed for tall and slim riders. Due to the wider proportions of tall and skinny riders in Europe, many European gear brands have designed their gears that target tall and slim riders. Do take care to focus on searching for European protective gear brands.

If you have thought of going for American brands, my advice is not to do it, as this would result in inaccurate sizing. American sizing hasa wider size chart in which you should avoid when buying gear according to your physique.

There are such examples that are great for tall and skinny riders:

Tall and Athletic

Tall and athletic refers to tall and big or tall and muscular. Riders who are tall and athletic tend to have wide shoulders and large chest and arm muscles. If you are one of these riders who have wide shoulders and a muscular physique, you are tall and athletic. Tall and athletic riders faced constricting filaments around shoulders, armpits and sleeves, reduced torso coverage and voluminous waist. If you are tall and athletic and faced these three issues, you should go for those protective gears that have wider construction of waist, shoulders, and chest.

When it comes to sizing charts, I suggest you should go for American brands such as Icon and REV’IT as these brands have designed for tall and athletic riders. Try to refer to American size charts when fitting according to your physique. Protective gears that follow American size charts have constructed for tall and athletic riders.

Some jackets have protective armor that makes your figure look a little wider on your shoulders and slimmer around your waist. To buy the right gear for your physique is to go for a tall leather motorcycle jacket that should go around your shoulders rather than resting on your shoulders. This is because a bigger jacket will give you a snug fit rather than constricting around your shoulders and sleeves. Avoid buying tighter protective gear, as this will make it difficult to move around especially when reaching your handlebars.

Such protective gears are great for tall and athletic riders:

Tall and Bulky

Tall and bulky are for those riders that have wide hips, waist and shoulders and are bulkier than athletic riders. If you are tall and bulky, you might have faced difficulties buying the right motorcycle gear for fat guys. The issues riders face when buying protective gears are that they end up looking baggy in the chest, shoulders and sleeves when sizing up to fit around the waist.

Tall and bulky riders faced excess length in torso and sleeves when sizing up to fit waist that makes them looking loose and bulkier in appearance. One of the best ways to search for buying motorcycle jackets for big guys is to avoid buying jackets that are far too loose. This will make your appearance looking baggy and oversized. However, you should consider your size that allows a snug fit around your physique and are easy to move around when sitting on your motorcycle and reaching your handlebars.

Like tall and athletic physique, you should go for American gear brands and be sure you follow the American sizing charts that fit well to your size. When considering armour protection, look for a jacket that offers removable armor protection to make your physique looking less floppy in appearance. When trying on the jacket, do take care the removable armor should fit around your shoulders rather than resting on your shoulders.

There are great examples that make a great fit for tall and bulky riders:

Tips and Advice on Protective Gear for Big Guys

To ensure the right fit according to your physique, there are certain tips and advice to take when buying the right gear for your ride. This will ensure better road safety. The tips and advice mention below:

  • Do take care to measure your chest, arm, and waist size when buying the right motorcycle jacket. Be sure you refer to these three physiques above.
  • When it comes to the sizing chart, be sure you follow the right size charts to avoid inaccurate sizing and refer to the size charts of each gear brand you want to try on.
  • To try on the motorcycle pants, be sure you take accurate measurements of your torso, waist, and inseams. Do refer to the size charts of different gear brands.
  • To consider the materials of the jacket, take care the materials should fit snugly to avoid feeling loose or tight.
  • When buying the right motorcycle gear for big guys, do consider the snug fit and keep in mind to buy a gear that will make your ride streamlined at high speeds. This includes mobility and reaching your handlebars.

Wrap Up

Here are the guides on motorcycle gear for big guys. Buying the right protective gear requires care and attention to avoid inaccurate sizing that does not meet with the physique. Motorcycle gears have various constructions designed for riders with different physiques. To search for the right gear according to your physique is to refer to these guides above.

So buy the right gear and enjoy the ride!

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