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Riders like to record and capture the thrilling moments of motorcycle riding.

Video bloggers and motorcycle enthusiasts like to record the adventurous experience of capturing the best motovlogging camera.

Having the best motovlogging camera is a great way to record videos and take the best shots of motorcycle riding.

best motorcycle vlogging camera

To capture and enjoy the rides, there are various options to choose the best motovlogging camera.


I have selected the top five best motovlogging camera where each device has certain features to beat its competitors on this list. These miniature cameras have chosen based on my personal choice along with great user experience and high market ratings.

I want each rider to use one of these miniatures cameras and capture the best moments of motorcycle riding. Each product has fit in the best moto vlog camera to record enjoyable moments.

Best Motovlogging Camera Reviews

Here are the five best miniature devices for motorcycle riding. These devices have beaten their competitors to fit in the best motovlogging camera to picture the enjoyable rides.

To look for a  suitable camera for your ride, have a look at these cameras below:


q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07GDGZCCH&Format= SL110 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sportyview06 20&language=en USGoPro Hero 7 Black Waterproof Action Camera Check Price
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01MT0TJOM&Format= SL110 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sportyview06 20&language=en USGoPro Hero 5 Black Camera Check Price
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07WSRXMS8&Format= SL110 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sportyview06 20&language=en USGoPro Hero 8 Black Waterproof Action Camera Check Price
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07RJMK2GV&Format= SL110 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sportyview06 20&language=en USDJI Osmo Action Digital Camera Check Price
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01LYSJB8A&Format= SL110 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sportyview06 20&language=en USVanTop 4K Action Camera Check Price

1. GoPro Hero 7 Black Waterproof Action Camera

Product Dimensions1.75 x 2.44 x 1.26 inches
Item Weight4.2 ounces
Item model numberCHDHX-701
Batteries1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableSeptember 4, 2018

GoPro has gained recognition for fitting in the best motovlogging camera. To search for a durable camera for your ride, Hero 7 has all the features you need! To dive into the features, the camera has a Hyper Smooth function, which helps the camera to stabilize the shake to deliver stable footage. You will never receive distorted footage! The Hero 7 model has super stabilized time-lapse videos where you can move an inch of a scene. The time-lapse can increase the speed up to 30 times to turn longer activities into shareable moments. To go for time-lapse videos, Hero 7 is the right option!

For a live-streaming function, the device allows you to live-stream in 720p where you can get the Hyper Smooth stabilization for broadcasting through the GoPro app. This records and transfers through the app without any tedious procedures. The action camera is waterproof and rugged where you can share your experience underwater up to 33 feet (10m). No water will damage the camera in the heaviest rain! With the voice control feature, the camera has 16 voice commands and you can change the audio settings in different languages. This helps to save time on pressing buttons and setting your desired language.

The camera has 4K60 video resolution and 12 MP photos where you can take pictures or make videos at high resolution. The Hero 7 Black has an 8x slow-motion video where you can adjust the speed of the video. More options of speed mean thrilling footage! For touchscreen purposes, the camera has three main capture modes with streamlined settings to make navigating easy.


  • Hyper Smooth function to stabilize the camera to prevent vibration when recording
  • Super stabilized time-lapse videos to record an inch
  • Waterproof function up to 33 feet
  • Eight times slow motion to adjust the motion of the video
  • Three main capture modes to make navigating easy


  • Pretty expensive
  • Short battery life
  • The devices consume a lot of power when not in use

2. GoPro Hero 5 Black Camera

Product Dimensions9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
Item Weight11.2 ounces
Item model numberCHDHX501
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Date First AvailableDecember 19, 2016

GoPro has come up with the Hero 5 Black Camera model where you can enjoy taking videos and photos with a high resolution. To go for a different model of the Hero series, Hero 5 is the right device! The Hero 5 model has fit in the best motovlogging camera for a thrilling motorcycle ride. The device has a video capture resolution of 1080p and 12MP photos where you can make at such high resolution. A high-resolution means clearer and brighter footage!

The video and photo feature single, burst, and time-lapse modes where you can record videos and take pictures. This gives you the option of recording videos and taking pictures for fun footage. The camera has a waterproof feature where you can record underwater up to 33 feet (10m) without housing. You do not have to worry about a splash of water damaging the device! The miniature device has preview and playback shots, changing settings, and trimming footage to adjust the settings of the video. That way, you can edit the videos without any tedious procedures!  

The camera has built-in WiFi, Bluetooth technology and has three microphones for voice control. This makes the best microphone for motovlogging. For ease of navigation, the device has video stabilization, GPS, and data overlay. I like the fact that this camera has wide features that offer you different options for great footage!


  • Pretty cheap price
  • Three voice control microphones
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth technology
  • Greater video features where you can customize the video according to your needs
  • Three modes of video and photo function


  • Users complained of used shipping product
  • Lack of charging function
  • A user complained of a weak zooming function

3. GoPro Hero 8 Black Waterproof Action Camera

Product Dimensions1.14 x 1.89 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight4.4 ounces
Item model numberCHDHX-801
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableOctober 1, 2019

GoPro has fit in the best motovlogging camera where you can take the most action-packed moments with just a miniature device. To look for a camera with action-packed footage, Hero 8 is the right camera for you! The Hero 8 has definite features that have a high video resolution of 2160p with 12MP photo resolution. To jump into the features, the Hero 8 model has three levels of stabilization: on, high, and boost. These three stabilization levels help to get the widest views or boost the smoothest video offered. This helps to achieve clear and stable footage without distortion. The camera works will all resolutions, frame rates, and features in-app horizon levelling.

With the streamlined design, the action camera has folding fingers at the base to let you swap mounts quickly. This holds the camera stably and fits different mounts. The device features a new side door to change batteries easily and has twice more impact-resistant lenses as compared to previous models. That way, you can change the batteries with ease! The lens offers clearer footage that will not cause any damage. The camera has a live steaming of 1080p where you can broadcast through Hyper Smooth stabilization via the GoPro app.

The Hero 8 model has upper-stabilized time-lapse videos. The video can automatically adjust the speed based on motion, scene detection, and lighting. You can take footage in different conditions. The camera has a Live Burst feature that records before and after shots. This will allow you to choose the best single frame for a perfect photo or an amazing video!


  • Super photo features while in motion or stationary
  • Folding fingers at the base to swap mounts quickly
  • Three levels of stabilization for a mobile and clear footage
  • Has Live Burst feature to record before and after shots for a perfect photo or an amazing video
  • A new side door to change batteries in a short time


  • Very expensive
  • The Hero 8 Blacks mods need to buy separately
  • Not easy to set up the equipment

4. DJI Osmo Action Digital Camera

Product Dimensions2.56 x 1.65 x 1.38 inches
Item Weight4.4 ounces
Item model numberCP.OS.00000020.01
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
Date First AvailableApril 26, 2019

DJI Osmo has fit in the best motovlogging camera where you can take high-resolution videos or take photos for a thrilling motorcycle ride. To record live-action cameras, DJI Osmo has all the features for your ride! The digital camera has dual screens that allow you to capture with the touch of a button. This versatile camera has manufactured with advanced technology that helps you to spend less time worrying about equipment.

The digital camera has a RockSteady technology that combines EIS complex algorithms to deliver stable and shake-free footage. No matter how heavy the action gets! This benefits from having stable footage without any distortion. With the wide-angle design, the camera has 8x slow-motion features where you can capture each motion with a 1080p resolution. A clearer resolution means wider motion videos! To add more fun to the videos, DJI Osmo does the work for you!

The camera has a waterproof function where you can dive deep underwater for up to 11m. The camera has a hydrophobic coating on the back touchscreen to avoid damage. That way, you can enjoy using it in the rain! With versatile batteries, the device performs well in extreme environments as low as -10°C. No device will ruin in extreme environments! To add greater fun to your phone, the digital camera is compatible with all smartphone brands of different models.


  • A versatile battery that works in extreme environments, even in the cold
  • Contains slow-motion features that adjust up to 8 times
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with all smartphone brands of different models
  • Five voice commands for greater communication


  • Pretty expensive
  • Not easy to use the Android smartphone interface
  • A user complained of poor video quality

5. VanTop 4K Action Camera

Product Dimensions1.16 x 1.85 x 3.27 inches
Item Weight4.1 ounces
Item model numberFDRX3000/W
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableSeptember 9, 2016

VanTop 4K action camera has made a decent device where you can capture thrilling footage. The miniature device has fit in the best motovlogging camera that has definite functions to fit on this list. To go for an action camera, VanTop solves your problem! To unwrap the features, the camera has a 12MP photo resolution where you can capture exquisite footage with the Sony sensor. This helps to achieve the best camera results.

The action camera equips with an intuitive touchscreen. One-touch function on the screen will work the camera like a pro and you will never miss a shot again. This makes it easy to use the camera without pressing multiple buttons. The device has an Electronic Image Stabilization where you can take stable footage without any blur in bumps and knocks. You do not have to worry about blurry shots! The device allows you to deliver clear and stable videos. The device has an adjustable viewing angle from 70° to 170°. A wider view angle means a greater option of recording different angles!

The miniature device has a waterproof function that exceeds up to 100 feet at the deepest underwater. No water will damage the camera! The device has different video features including time-lapse, burst photo, sound record, diving mode, and motion detection to make stunning footage. To search for various modes, this camera says it all! The camera is compatible with GoPro for an enjoyable ride.


  • Pretty cheap price
  • A stable footage function during knocks and bumps
  • A waterproof function that goes up to 100 feet
  • Various video features to capture the thrilling moments
  • Compatible with GoPro


  • No external mic input
  • Short product life cycle
  • A user complained of a weak battery charger and not easy to setup

Guides for Buying the Best Motorcycle Vlogging Camera

You have seen and read the reviews of the best motovlogging camera to record and capture the fun-thrilling moments of a motorcycle ride. To achieve the best results of recording and taking clear photos for your ride, there are certain buying guides to consider.

Such buying guides mention below:

Recording quality

The recording quality comes into consideration, as you want to get the best motovlogging camera. The recording quality should work in extreme conditions and that has the highest resolution of video recording. It is best to buy the most advanced resolution that is 4K and has a photo resolution of 12MP. Do check out the extra modal features of the recording quality and the sound quality.


Purchasing the best motovlogging camera should be durable to withstand different weather conditions and have a long-lasting device. The most solid camera ends up being the most durable device for taking fun-thrilling rides. To look for a decent action camera is to consider durability.

Advanced tech features

Regardless of the model and the brand, you want to purchase the best motovlogging camera for your ride where you want to get the best shots. Some action cameras have Hyper Smooth, Super Photo and Time Warp to add the creativity of your recording. To consider adding the further dimensions of your ride is to check out the advanced tech features the camera has to offer.

Battery timing

Video bloggers are hardly in the house and barely have enough time to charge the device. The most important thing to purchase an action camera is to check whether it is the right battery timing or not. Buying an expensive camera with a short battery duration is completely pointless. To avoid draining the battery is to invest in the best motovlogging camera that has a longer battery timing.


The quality of the picture or video matters for many viewers as viewers wants a clear and distortion-free image. To buy the best quality picture is to have a look at the photo and video resolution the camera has to offer. Make sure the camera has a high resolution of video and picture quality. This also applies to great sound quality.

Field of view

When it comes to the field of view, you are not only seeing what is in front of you. You want to see the sides of the view. This allows you to see what is happening near your surroundings when riding a motorcycle. To consider the field of view is to purchase an action camera as it has a wider view angle and is robust to capture scenic moments.

Easy to mount

The best moto vlogging camera must be easy to mount onto different parts of your helmet or on various parts of the motorcycle. Some cameras supply with a holder and others requires buying the mount separately.

To consider buying a camera for your ride is to test the mount onto your helmet or on your motorcycle. For better recommendations, I suggest you go for action cameras, as they are easier to mount. To know how to mount a camera on your motorcycle helmet is to click on this link.

Easy to setup

Apart from features, buying a camera should be easy to use and set up your desired settings. If you have bought a camera that has complicated features, then it would be of no use to set up the camera. To know about moto vlogging setup is to find the best moto vlog camera and do check whether it is user-friendly and easy to set up. Do refer to the user’s instructions provided when you want to know how to start motovlogging.


If you like to record voices and want to have clear speech is to look for the best microphone for moto vlogging. When it comes to the microphone, I recommended using an external microphone rather than a built-in one as the built-in mic is outside and might expose to different conditions. Moreover, built-in microphones do not have good sound quality. It is best to purchase an external mic when buying the best moto vlogging camera.

Works in all-weather conditions

To know how to start motovlogging is to consider a camera that works in all weather conditions. With the growing inventions of the latest camera models, most cameras have all-weather protection where the camera protects from all-weather patterns.

Some cameras have certain battery timing that even works in extreme conditions. To have fun with motorcycle riding, you must consider a camera that withstands different climates.


Price comes into consideration when purchasing the best motovlogging camera. If you want a long-lasting product, you should go for a camera that has a reasonable price. If you buy an expensive camera with shorter durability, then it would be of no use to obtain the best shots. To consider the price is to invest in a user-friendly camera that has a long-lasting battery.


As expressed, riders like to take the best shots of their shareable motorcycle riding. Video bloggers and motorcycle enthusiasts love to record the capturing moments using the best motovlogging camera.

The reviews and buying guides allowed riders to purchase the best motovlogging camera for recording and capturing the enjoyable moments of motorcycle riding. The miniature camera helps to share the fun-thrilling rides for adding great adventurous rides.

So buy the best motovlogging camera and enjoy the best shots!

For a thrilling ride, you can browse the best motorcycle phone mount and best motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which action camera is best for Motovlogging?

The best action camera that is best for motovlogging is GoPro Hero 7 and DJI Osmo digital camera.

What is the best camera for motorcycle?

The best camera for motorcycle is GoPro Hero 7 and GoPro Hero 5. These two cameras offer great features to make your motorcycle riding a fun activity.

Which camera is best for helmet?

The camera that is best for helmet is GoPro Hero 5 and GoPro Hero 8.

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