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Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating activity but can be a pain on the tailbone if not sat properly. Dealing with the tailbone pain is one of the worst issues many riders face and end up sitting in the wrong posture.

Not sitting on the right motorcycle seat would lead to body pains and will make your ride uncomfortable.

To ensure the right sitting posture and to deal with the pain on your tailbone, there are different choices to search for the best motorcycle seat for tailbone pain.

Best Motorcycle Seat for Tailbone Pain


I have selected the top two best motorcycle seats for tailbone pain where the seat represents certain functions to allow a pain-free and comfortable ride. These motorcycle seats have chosen based on my personal choice along with great user experience and high market ratings.

I want each rider to use one of these two motorcycle seats and install them on their bikes to get rid of tailbone pain and to allow a comfortable sitting posture. These seats will bring comfort and allow you to sit onto the right sitting posture for a comfortable ride in long routes.

Best Motorcycle Seat for Tailbone Pain Review

Here are the two best bike seats for tailbone pain where the motorcycle seat represents certain functions to allow a comfortable ride without bothering your tailbone. To search for the right motorcycle seat and a comfortable sitting posture, have a look at these products below:


Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion for Comfortable Travel Check Price
Mustang Standard Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat Check Price

1. Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion for Comfortable Travel

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‎ No
Product Dimensions 16.3 x 8 x 4 inches; 15.2 Ounces
Item model number ‎ FA-CRUISER-R-REVB
Manufacturer ‎ Webyshops

Airhawk has fit in the best motorcycle seat for tailbone pain where the seat has constructed for long routes and shorter riding trips. To go for a seat that offers a long-lasting and comfortable sitting posture, Airhawk offers all the features you need! The motorcycle seat has manufactured in polyurethane and the cover has made in breathable spacer mesh cloth. This allows passing the air in and out to allow sufficient airflow for a comfortable ride.

To add to this, the motorcycle seat cushion provides three layers of knit polyester to allow sufficient circulation and a non-skid bottom to provide an anti-slip seat. This allows an efficient circulation to prevent sweating and irritating your skin in the heat and saves you from slipping off the seat! To allow greater support, the seat has built-in stress relieving features to reduce pressure points on the tailbone and other sensitive parts to allow a comfortable ride.

You do not have to suffer stressful pains in long routes! The seat provides an air cell technology in the cushion to prevent injuries and allows a more enjoyable ride without facing any pain. You can enjoy the everlasting comfort without suffering leg pains and the torso! For an ergonomic design, the seat cushion has center cutout areas that run from front to back and back cutout areas to relieve tailbone pain. This helps to relieve tailbone and to allow a comfortable ride on the road!


  • Cheap price
  • Made in polyurethane to pass the air in and out for an efficient airflow
  • Three-layers of knit polyester to allow sufficient circulation
  • Built-in stress relieving features to reduce pressure points on the sensitive parts
  • Air cell technology to prevent injuries in short trips or long rides


  • Weak construction of the elastic straps
  • Takes time to install the seat correctly
  • Might make the seat too hot after long hours of ride

2. Mustang Standard Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat

Model‎Standard Touring
Item Weight‎7.24 pounds
Package Dimensions‎22.2 x 15.9 x 10.4 inches
Country of Origin‎USA
Item model number‎75376MV
Manufacturer Part Number‎75376MV
OEM Part Number‎75376MV
Cover Included‎Motorcycle Seat
Vehicle Service Type‎Motorcycle

Mustang has come up with the best bike seat for tailbone pain where the product has manufactured for Indian Scout models. If you ride an Indian Scout model, this seat will save you from tailbone pains and other body aches! To unwrap the functions, the motorcycle seat has manufactured in high-quality expanded vinyl cover with contrasting synthetic glove-leather inserts to allow a comfortable and long-lasting seat in different conditions. That way, the seat will not expose to damage in different weather conditions! The seat features deep bucket styling with high-quality foam that precisely molds to the shapes and angles needed for optimal cruising comfort.

This allows a great comfort where no pain or discomfort will disturb your tailbone. You can adjust your sitting posture to the desired angle to make your ride comfortable! The motorcycle seat provides ample room for comfort without compromising the look of the bike. This benefits a pain-free ride where the seat has offers a wide room to allow greater space to make your ride smooth and comfortable.

You do not have to suffer tailbone pains and leg pains on the road! To allow a long-lasting seat, the product comprises a marine-grade fiberglass seat pan that designs to for a secure install and a durable seat. You can install the seat without acquiring extra tools! To allow an easy fit, the sole seat is compatible with the 2015-2019 Indian Scout motorcycle models.


  • Made in expanded vinyl cover with synthetic leather inserts to allow a durable seat
  • Features deep bucket styling with foam that molds into shapes and angles for the desired position
  • An ample room for comfort to allow a spacious sitting position
  • Marine-grade fiberglass seat pan for a secure install
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive price
  • Does not install other motorcycle brands
  • Only compatible with 2015-2019 Indian Scout bikes

Buying Guides for Best Bike Seat for Tailbone Pain

A motorcycle seat is necessary for all riders to save from tailbone pains and other body aches. Riding a motorcycle is a fun activity but can be a pain if you do not ride in the correct motorcycle seat. It is important to search for the right seat for your bike to allow a comfortable ride and a pain-free sitting posture. To buy the right seat, there are certain buying guides to consider before installing the seat onto your bike.

The buying guides mention below:

Types of motorcycle seats

Motorcycle seats have manufactured in different materials and types to allow a pain-free and comfortable ride. Different materials help to erase tailbone pain that are gel, foam, air cushion, sheepskin, and beaded. Each type explains below:


Gel seats conform to your body that allows a comfortable ride on the road. Gel motorcycle seats tend to distribute the pressure evenly which helps to reduce pain and numbness. This is essential in long riding trips.

With the advanced functions growing in the bike industry, more and more gel seats offer technological features to erase body pains in motorcycle riding. Gel seats are great for reducing numbness and distribute the pressure well.


Foam motorcycle seats provide great comfort and absorb shocks to reduce pain and numbness when riding on tough terrains. Foam seats offer great comfort, which many brands offer high-density foam to enjoy the ride in long routes.

Some motorcycle seats manufacture a combination of gel and foam to erase body pains and allow a smooth ride.

Air cushion

Air cushion motorcycle seats pump up with air to provide a cushion for your buttocks. This form of motorcycle seat has become a popular type as air cushion seats are easy to inflate and adjusts to your desired height.

With the great pressure support, air cushion seats distribute the air evenly that reduces pains, and absorb shocks on tough terrains.


Sheepskin motorcycle seats are the most common seats in motorcycle riding as this type of seat is great at regulating temperatures. In other words, it keeps the seat cool in summer and warm in winter.

When riding in the rain, the seat dries quickly as it absorbs sweat and water in damp conditions. Sheepskin seats tend to be expensive but provides even pressure distribution for a comfortable ride.


Beaded bike seats have often known as massaging seats as beaded seats offer greater ventilation that helps to keep the body cool. Beaded seats universally fit different bikes, which you must check the dimensions of your bike before you fit the seat correctly.

To buy the best seat is to consider the type you want to fit for your bike.

Size and shape

Motorcycle seats avail in different shapes and sizes to fit your motorcycle correctly. To search for the right seat and to provide a comfortable position is to check the dimensions and the model of your bike before installation.

Do check the size and shape to see if the construction will reduce tailbone pain. To save from tailbone pain is to consider the shape and size to ensure the right motorcycle seat.


The height of the seat is important which some seats offer a thick inner cushion than the others do. Using a thicker seat will allow you to sit higher on the seat. This would affect your riding capabilities.

To ensure a comfortable sitting posture is to consider the height. You should also consider the ability to reach your handlebars and the visibility on the road.

Moisture resistance

Moisture resistance has become the most advanced feature in motorcycle seats as it helps to absorb moisture to keep the body cool and comfortable in the heat. Riding the motorcycle in the summer can cause sweat and would create skin irritation.

To save you from discomfort is to go for a seat that absorbs moisture on the go.

Easy to install

Motorcycle seat avail of Velcro straps, Snap-on buttons, elastic straps and loops. To allow an easy installation is to go for a seat that offers strong security and does not slip off your motorcycle.

When it comes to installation is to go for a motorcycle seat that provides attachments for an easy installation.

Sitting posture

The way you sit can determine where you feel pain on your tailbone and different parts of your legs. If you sit incorrectly, chances are that you will suffer discomfort in long rides.

One of the best ways to deal with the right sitting posture is to adjust your posture or go for a combination of foam-gel seats. To buy the right motorcycle seat is to give attention to the way you sit.

Riding conditions

The motorcycle seat will affect the duration and the condition of your riding environment. For instance, if you ride often, you need a seat that works in different weather conditions and provides greater comfort and support. For riding on a certain season is to search for a seat that accommodates that season.

To buy a suitable motorcycle seat is to consider the conditions and the duration of the ride.


The durability is important as a long-lasting seat reduces tailbone pain and gives you extra support for a comfortable ride.

To ensure a durable seat, other factors in this guide ensure you a pain-free and comfortable sitting posture.


Motorcycle seats avail at different price points, which you need to consider the budget you, can afford the seat. To allow a safe and comfortable seat is to go for a seat that offers a reasonable budget.

This depends on the duration of your ride and the level of comfort offered. Do take care to consider others factors to fulfill your set budget.


As expressed, motorcycle riding is a great outdoor sport but can bring pain to the tailbone, which riders suffer, sitting on the wrong posture. This results in tailbone pain and other body aches. To overcome the right sitting position comes the best motorcycle seat for tailbone pain.

The reviews and buying guides allowed riders to search for the right seat to ensure a pain-free and comfortable ride. These seats will benefit riders to give comfort and support to reduce tailbone pains and body aches in long routes.

So buy the seat and enjoy the ride! You can browse the best motorcycle locks, best motorcycle covers, best motorcycle phone mount, and best headphones for motorcycles.

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