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Top Motorcycle Helmets Under $300 Reviews

Motorcyclists are somewhat price-sensitive when it comes to purchasing a helmet with a certain price boundary.  

You do not want to spend money on purchasing helmets that don’t meet your requirements!

Neither you want to waste money on incorrect head size nor buying the wrong design for a certain ride. Buying motorcycle helmets under a definite price margin can put you in a tricky situation as not all prices are reasonable. 

In this article, I am going to give you guides and reviews about best motorcycle helmets under $300. Selecting the most affordable headgears under the price limit. 

Helmets price depends on the brand, type of rider you are and the features it consists of. A lot of riders were asked whether safety measures match the cost of the helmet. This is something which needs to unwrap the debate between the two factors.

Apart from that, there are options available to buy the best motorcycle helmets under $300. 


As the title suggests, I picked out ten helmets which all are obviously the margin below $300. In fact, some are even below $100.

Well, let us not forget that just because like any other product is expensive does not mean it’s durable. If a helmet is cheap it does not mean it will have a long product shelf life. The reason behind it is because helmets have their own product life cycle which depends on how well you utilize the protection of your head.

If you are one of those riders who want to buy a motorcycle helmet under $300 without considering being price sensitive. Here are ten choices of helmets that are below the boundary of $300.

The price of the product does affect the helmet brand you wish to buy. As there is a fierce competition going on between various headwear brands.

Top Motorcycle Helmets Under $300 Reviews

Here I am going to give you the reviews of these best motorcycle helmets under $300. Some are even way cheaper than that which considers as the best helmet. Just to make sure, no helmet is 100% perfect as each headwear has their own pros and cons. But before you plan to buy one, have a look at these helmets.

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT LED Lights Check Price
Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield for Men & Women, Adjustable Size Dial DOT Half Face Skull Cap for Bike Cruiser Chopper Moped Scooter ATV (Large, Patriotic Flag Graphic) Check Price
ILM Half Helmet Motorcycle Open Face Sun Visor Quick Release Buckle DOT Approved Cycling Motocross Suits Men Women (L, MATT BLACK) Check Price
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Scorch Gloss Black/Gold Flake, Large) Check Price
AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet DOT Approved Bike Cruiser Chopper High Gloss Black XL Check Price
ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet (Matte Black, Large) (COV-0105) Check Price
Triangle Motorcycle Helmets Full Face “Graffiti Cross” Street Bike [DOT] (Medium, Matte Black) Check Price
1Storm Dual Sport Motorcycle Motocross Off Road Full Face Helmet Dual Visor Matt Black, Size L Check Price
Biohazard Full Face Matte Green Dual Visor Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet by Triangle [DOT] (Small) Check Price

1. ILM Dual Visor – Best Modular Helmet Under 300

Brand ILM
Model 902-LED
Item Weight 4.85 pounds
Package Dimensions 15 x 11 x 11 inches
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Safety Rating DOT Certified

This modular helmet has made it on the list as the best motorcycle helmet under 300 dollars. Let’s dive in into their features. The helmet has a sleek and aerodynamic design which aids to reduce the resistant of wind and noise. The headwear is made of high resistance ABS shell to allow a strong exterior to protect the helmet from prolonged sunlight.

The product has removable and washable cheek pads and liner to keep the cushion soft and clean. This also retains to free from dust and dirt. With its modular shape, the helmet has a flip-up anti-scratch function along with wide view clear visor to protect from the fog. This makes the best modular helmet under $300.

The headwear contains several LED lights which flash at differing speeds whenever possible. The LED lights are easily accessible by pressing the control button at the back of the helmet; just below the LED panel. The LED light works with two AAA batteries and certifies by DOT.

The headgear has a quick-release strap and ventilation system. This open and shut ventilation helps the helmet to adapt to the changing weather conditions. For chin support, the helmet has an extra chin curtain to enhance chin protection from accidents.


  • Aerodynamic design to reduce wind and noise
  • Removable and washable cheek pads and liner
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog visor
  • LED lights to allow riders to give an indication
  • Extra chin curtain for a better chin protection


  • Feeling of suffocation
  • LED lights might not last long
  • Bit heavy due to added components

2. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Brand Vega Helmets
Model 7817-054
Item Weight 2.2 pounds
Package Dimensions 12 x 9 x 7 inches
California residentsClick here for Proposition 65 warning
Cover Included Vega Rebel Warrior Half Helmet and Helmet Bag
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Safety Rating DOT Certified

Vega has brought its rebellious warrior graphic in the headwear market of motorcycle helmet under $300. Vega has targeted its helmets for men and women varying helmets types. In this case, is the half face helmet. The lightweight headgear has taken inspirations from soldiers and warriors.

The product has a drop-down sun shield. This aids the rider to optically drop down the sun-shield to protect from sun, rain, and insects. The helmet has a moisture-wicking inner liner which wicks away the moisture for a more comfortable ride. Thus keeping it dry. The headwear has a size adjustment dial system which the helmet can fit easily even for smaller heads.

The product has a padded quick-release strap which is fully adjustable. This helps the rider to secure and remove the helmet easily; with or without a pair of gloves. The helmet certifies by DOT and uses in a variety of leisure activities.


  • Size adjustment system which even fits for smaller heads
  • Dropdown visor to protect from sun, rain and insects
  • The quick-release strap secures and removes the helmet with and without gloves
  • Lightweight
  • Used in various leisure activities


  • Less safety for the neck and chin
  • Drop down visor does not protect in all-weather conditions
  • The helmet might be too tight for smaller heads

3. ILM Half Open Face – Best Affordable Motorcycle Helmet

Item Weight2.7 pounds
Package Dimensions12.5 x 9.8 x 6.9 inches
Vehicle Service TypeATV, UTV, Street Bike, Cruiser/ Touring, Dirt Bike, Adventure, Scooter, Snowmobile, Personal Watercraft
CAPA CertifiedDOT Certified
Safety RatingDOT Certified

ILM has taken its half face helmets in the headgear market. The helmet has fit in the list of best motorcycle helmet under $300. With the half face helmets used by various kinds of riders. The product has unique features which make it affordable to buy it. The helmet has a quick release chin strap to secure and remove in ease. The headwear has an integrated drop-down visor which aids to protect from sun and is removable and replaceable

The helmet has a premium venting system which reduces heat at the top of the head. This prevents headaches and dizziness. The helmet is available in solid and glossy black colour which is suitable for both men and women. With the good exterior, the helmet is made of ABS shell and certifies by DOT.

The headwear has an ear flap which helps you to fit the helmet without squeezing the face and ears. This also helps to cover the ears during high impact. The helmet uses in a variety of outdoor sports.


  • The helmet has an ear flap to keep the ears comfortable and fits in without feeling squeezed
  • Removable and replaceable drop-down visor
  • Venting system which reduces heat in the head
  • Suitable for both genders


  • The helmet might be too tight
  • The clear visor is required separately
  • The visor is only used to protect the sun

4. Bell Qualifier – Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Under 300

Brand Bell
Model Qualifier
Item Weight 4.85 pounds
Product Dimensions 15.3 x 11.3 x 11.4 inches
Vehicle Service Type Cruiser/Touring, Street Bike, Dirt Bike, Adventure Touring, Scooter
CAPA Certified & Safety Rating DOT Certified

Bell Qualifier has known for full face helmets which consider as the best motorcycle helmets under $300. The headgear has a lightweight material made of polycarbonate composite shell to allow sturdy protection from head and face.

The helmet has three shell sizes which help to fit the wearer’s head even to the smaller size with a personalized fit. The helmet has a click release shield system where the wearer can remove the shield whenever possible; with a sound of a click. The headgear has a padded wind collar to reduce the wind and noise for a peaceful ride. Regarding hearing, the helmet has an integrated speaker pocket which aids the rider to hear and speak to other motorcyclists.

The headwear has contoured cheek pads to keep the lining of the cheek fit and secure in place. Regarding the interior, the helmet has a removable and washable inner liner to preserve the helmet clean and bacteria-free. The product provides a tinted shield which is anti-scratch and anti-fog. This gives great protection from UV light. The helmet meets the safety standards of DOT and ECE.


  • Padded wind collar to reduce noise and wind
  • Three shell size to give a low profile look
  • Speaker pockets to speak and hear other riders’
  • Provides tinted shield to protect from scratch, rain and fog
  • Contoured cheek pads for a better fit


  • The exterior is not long-lasting
  • The helmet does not provide a clear shield which requires to buy separately
  • Limited helmet sizes

5. AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet – Best Low Cost Helmet

Brand AHR
Item Weight1 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.8 x 8.8 x 6.7 inches
Item model number5864259553

This glossy half face helmet has made it on the list as best motorcycle helmets under $300 margin. AHR has brought the brand with a glossy black aesthetic. Their unique features have provided riders to wear a half face helmet with a shiny finish.

The headwear has a high-quality lightweight ABS shell to allow greater head protection. The helmet has a high-density buffer layer along with a removable visor to give impactful energy-absorbing. This cuts down the acceleration of collision. To secure the head in place, the helmet has an adjustable D-ring chin strap to hold the head and chin in place without wobbling.

AHR Half Face Cruiser Chopper provides with extra accessories including a bag and a visor to have a safe and comfortable ride. The helmet certifies by DOT and the headgear has an ear coverage to cover the ears from noise and wind.


  • Very lightweight
  • High-density buffer to give impactful energy-absorbing for greater head safety
  • Adjustable D-ring and chin strap to secure the head in place
  • Removable visor
  • Perfect for various kinds of riders


  • Visors are not variable
  • Head and face protection is limited
  • Uncomfortable to wear

6. ScorpionExo Covert – Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $300

Brand Scorpion
Model Cov-0105
Item Weight3.97 pounds
Product Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 inches
California residents Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Item model number COV-0105
Cover Included Helmet^Helmet Bag
Vehicle Service TypeStreet-touring-motorcycles, street-sport-motorcycles, street-cruiser-motorcycles, street-motor-scooters, snowmobiles, all-terrain-vehicles, off-road-motorcycles, utility-vehicles
Safety Rating & Safety Rating DOT Certified

This helmet brand has made its unisex matte black look on the list as the best motorcycle helmet under $300. Scorpion Covert has popularized this helmet by making the combination of full face and open face targeted for riders who needs the exposure of freedom whenever and wherever possible.

What is so good about it? The helmet has advanced polycarbonate shell engineered by Polycarbonate to minimize weight and disperse impact. This gives a good lightweight helmet. The headwear has a retractable sun tinted visor to ease off eye strain in varying light conditions.

For a safe night time riding, the visors install in dark smoke and supplies with a clear visor. The helmet has a removable front mask with neodymium magnets along with block-off plates to change into open face mode.

The headwear has a dual-density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) to give enhanced comfort and certifies by DOT. The interior liner is made of anti-microbial fabric to keep the head cool and dry in warm weather.


  • A combination of full face and open face
  • Advanced polycarbonate shell to disperse impact and minimize weight
  • Retractable sun tinted visor to ease off eye strain in various light conditions
  • Dark smoke visor installed to ride at night
  • Removable front mask to give an open face mode  


  • Liner is not removable nor washable
  • Not hypoallergenic
  • Magnets are not strong enough to hold the face mask

7. Triangle “Graffiti Cross” Best Affordable Motorcycle Helmet Under 300

Item Weight2.7 pounds
Package Dimensions13.9 x 10.4 x 9.8 inches
Item model number TFF15-MB-VS
Manufacturer Part Number 15 x 11.3 x 10.5 inches
CAPA Certified & Safety Rating DOT Certified

TRIANGLE has made it Graffiti Cross graphic street bike perfect for riders who want to kick off the ride on dangerous and hilly areas. The brand has brought its full face helmets for better head protection under $300.

The helmet has an advanced ABS shell with high-pressure thermoplastic technology to give streamlining head protection during high speeds. The headwear has a multi-density EPS liner to give an enhanced head cushioning. This helps to give extreme comfort.

Regarding ventilation, the helmet has ventilation system with rear and top extractions liner. This allows a cool airflow around the helmet. The headgear has a double PC anti-scratch visor and removable DVS treatment with quick-change mechanism system to change the mechanism of the visor.

Concerning the interior, the helmet has a soft laser cut padding to allow a dry comfort with the hygienic treatment. The inner liner is removable and washable free from bacteria and dust. The helmet has a padded chin strap with micrometric closure to secure the helmet in place. The headwear certifies by DOT.


  • High-pressure thermoplastic exterior to give an aerodynamic speed
  • Ventilation system to give a cool airflow
  • Padded chin strap with micrometric closure to secure and give the chin cushioning protection
  • Anti-scratch visor
  • The soft laser cut padding which contours the cheek


  • The visor is not removable and replaceable
  • The helmet might cause suffocation
  • The helmet might be tight

8. 1STORM MECHANIC MATT Black HELMET – Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under $300

Brand 1Storm
Item Weight 4 pounds
Product Dimensions 1 4.7 x 10.8 x 10.8 inches
Item model number Hjdj11abs
Manufacturer Part Number HJDJ11ABS
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Safety Rating DOT Certified

1Storm steals the attention of their helmets types ranging from full face to modular. The headwear brand has made on the list perfect for riders who want to save their budget below $300. The helmet has an ultra-lightweight and durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell to give a long-lasting exterior.

In regard to ventilation, the headgear has 3-level top ventilation control and 5 position ventilation channel to deliver a maximum cool airflow without feeling claustrophobic. To make the ride comfortable, the headwear is heavily cushioned with a thick interior. The interior is removable and washable to keep the liner clean and free from dust and odour.

For better eye protection in varying conditions, the helmet provides with 3 shield options: tinted, smoked and clear to choose to depend on the amount of eye protection needed. The headwear has a quick release buckle. In addition with aerodynamic, the helmet has rear exhaust spoiler to reduce wind resistance and increase stability. The helmet approves by DOT.


  • Aerodynamic rear exhaust spoiler to reduce wind resistance
  • Three shield options depend on the eye protection the rider needs
  • Heavily cushioned
  • Eight ventilation systems to give a great airflow
  • Very lightweight and durable exterior


  • There is no room for Bluetooth
  • Clear shield is not available
  • The tinted visor is difficult to wear at night

9. 1Storm Dual Sport – Best Motocross Helmet Under $300

Brand 1Storm
Model HF802
Item Weight 4.95 pounds
Package Dimensions 15.9 x 12.4 x 10.6 inches
Manufacturer Part Number HF802
CAPA Certified & Safety Rating DOT Certified

Another helmet type by 1Storm has made the combination of Dual-Sport and Off-Road helmet. This type of helmet is perfect for riders who want to ride without the use of roads and in risky terrains. This sporty helmet has made the price under $300 suitable for riders who want to save their budget on buying an off the street headgear at a reasonable price.

The headgear has an advanced Dual Sports and Dual Visor design. The helmet has an inner smoked visor and outer clear shield to double the eye protection from rain, dust, smoke, sun, hail and insects. The visors are removable and replaceable. The helmet is durable and lightweight with aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell to give a long-lasting head safety.

Regarding the interior, the headwear has a comfortable interior which is removable and washable to keep it clean and odour free. With strong ventilation, the helmet has 11 ventilation systems to allow a massive cool airflow in the helmet. The headgear has a quick release buckle to secure and remove the helmet conveniently. The helmet approves by DOT.


  • Dual visor for a double eye protection
  • Lightweight and durable shell
  • Eleven ventilation systems to receive airflow in different directions
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Available in eight colours


  • The thermoplastic alloy might raise environmental concerns
  • Cheek pads might be tight
  • The material of the visor is not firm

10. Biohazard Dual Visor Street Bike – Best Full Face Helmet Under 300

Brand Triangle
Item Weight 3.1 pounds
Product Dimensions 14 x 11 x 10 inches
Item model number TFF17-1730
Manufacturer Part Number TFF17-1730
CAPA Certified DOT Certified
Safety Rating DOT Certified

Another helmet brand by TRIANGLE, the helmet has almost similar features to the one on the list. With the biohazard symbol, TRIANGLE has made its full face helmet for greater head and face safety. The helmet has an advanced ABS shell with high-pressure technology to increase high-speed impact while decreasing wind and noise.

The headwear has a multi-density EPS liner to give extreme comfort in the helmet. In regard to ventilation, the helmet has top and rear extractions liner to flow intake and exhaust air. The headwear has a double PC anti-scratch visor which is replaceable with their quick-change mechanism system without the use of tools.

The full face helmet has a soft laser cut padding which gives a dry and hygienic pad to fit the shape of the face. The interior liner has removable and washable padding to keep the interior clean and bacteria-free. The helmet has a padded chin strap to protect the chin from further injuries; thus securing the helmet in place. The headwear approves by DOT.


  • High-pressure ABS shell to increase speed impact and reduce wind and noise
  • Removable and replaceable visor free from scratch
  • Soft cut padding to fit the face
  • Padded chin strap to protect the chin from injuries
  • Lightweight


  • Laser cut padding might make the face squashed and tight
  • The helmet might be claustrophobic
  • Limited range of visors

Guides to Buy Helmets Without Being Price Sensitive

So you’ve seen some of these helmets are not so expensive to buy as they are available at a reasonable price. These headgears have shown and considered the best motorcycle helmets under 300 dollars. Helmets are the most important headgear where the price should not compromise. But the type of helmet and safety matters.

There are certain people who are price-sensitive when it comes to purchasing any sort of products. Like any other product, motorcycle helmets are the safest headgear when it comes to head protection. People have one thing in mind when it comes to purchasing power which is the price. So which is the best motorcycle helmet for money?

Here I am going to give you effective guidance on buying the best motorcycle helmets under $300 without being price sensitive. The buying guides mention below:

Legal safety standards

Depending on the country and city you live, helmets have safety standards where the headgear approves by transportation authorities. Helmets have their own safety standards which are DOT, Snell and ECE.

If you have purchased a helmet with one or more of this safety standard approved, then it is safe to wear and ride on the road. Put simply, you have purchased a helmet which exceeds a specific legal certification. These legal certifications will make it as the best motorcycle helmet under $300.

Head shape & size

Head shape and size is very crucial for buying a motorcycle helmet under $300. Head shape and sizes vary from brand to brand. Do not expect every brand to follow the same head size charts. To avoid this issue is to use the measuring tape and measure around your head. This works by wrapping above the eyebrows down to the back of your head. If you are unable to measure around your head, talk to headgear experts to measure your head and discuss head sizes.

Consider what you’re buying the helmet for

As a rider, you have a bunch of questions buzzing around in your head. Am I looking for a helmet with multiple ventilation systems? I need a helmet with removable visors, which brand is suitable for that purpose? I love to ride sports on a speedy race, which helmet serves this purpose? These questions will make your buying preferences easier when looking for helmets without considering the price.

Know the helmet type

Helmet Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project

Buyers should know the type of helmet he/she needs. When it comes to purchasing the best helmet under 300 dollars, no helmet serve the same type of riders. Put simply, no helmets are the same.

If you don’t know the type of helmet, feel free to talk to helmet experts or motorcyclists who already owns a helmet. This will make the buying decision helpful. Thus you will get the idea of the type of rider you are.

Other optional features

The majority of the best helmets under 300 dollars have other optional features like space for Bluetooth or speaker pockets. These optional features might be handy for riders who want extras to have a peaceful ride.

If you want to look for a helmet with speakers and Bluetooth, full face or modular might be the best option. When looking for a helmet with other features, look carefully what optional features the helmet has to offer. Then decide whether you need it or not.

Replacement & maintenance

Like any other piece of product, helmets do not last long. Even the most popular helmet brand don’t last long either. Every helmet lasts one to five years of warranty if you are a regular wearer. If the helmet tears off badly or leaves ugly marks on face shields and visors, it is a sign to buy a new helmet. Even if you have knocked over the truck, the helmet might damage the outer shell.

If you want the interior of the helmet to protect from oil and dust, avoid using hair products and chemicals that react with the cushion liner. If the helmet has hair loss or grease in the liner, it’s time to replace the new one. 


Dollar Sign Price Tag Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project

If you are concerned about helmets with the high price, start with the most simple and the cheapest helmet. The best way to buy helmets without being price sensitive is to look at the price under $300.

Once you have bought the helmet that satisfies your needs, you will gain a better understanding of how the helmet works in your head during your ride. This will enable you to buy a slightly higher price.

Does Helmet Safety Match Cost?

bike, race, hurry, motorbike, biker, track, competition, sport, rider,  helmet | Pxfuel

There has been a thoughtful and questionable debate between price wars and safety. Often people ask: Does a helmet safety matches the cost? Or Are more expensive helmets are safer?

People only rely on helmets with a very low price because of the purpose it serves for the rider and the type of helmet. Also, people rely on it to save their budget on buying something that does not end up in the trash.

It is not 100% true that helmet safety matches the cost. However, there were circumstances where buyers only give attention to striking graphics rather than interior and head size. This is because people only buy helmets for the sake of aesthetics and high price without realizing cost isn’t always related to safety.

It has statistically proven that full face helmets tend to be safe compared to other helmet types. In terms of price, full face helmets tend to be more expensive in comparison to other helmet kinds. This theory has proved by the UK safety scheme called SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment Rating Programme). This program rates based on safety and brands. The safety scheme rates from 1-poor to 5-excellent.

Because most of the helmets follow the European standards, SHARP helps it to rate these popular helmet brands in terms of helmet types. The scheme used two helmets: full-face and system helmets. The results showed that full face has the price range from £50-£900 which has a wider range than system helmets.

This also shows that brands like Arai, Bell, Shoei, AGV, HJC, Caberg, Duchini, Lazer, Shark and others have the ratings of 5 stars which is excellent. Other brands like CMS, Box, Arashi and BKS have average to poor safety ratings. System helmets have the 5-star rate which has the price range from £90- £299. As you can tell, their prices are available in a limited range. The brands are Caberg, Shark and BMW System 5. Other system helmets have poor to average ratings.

The overall results stated that full face helmets have a wider price range from the cheapest to the most expensive. The majority of full face helmet brands have 5 star ratings such as Arai, Bell, Shoei, AGV, HJC, Caberg, Duchini, and others. Whereas system helmets have a limited price range and only three brands have the highest safety ratings. Which are BMW System 5, Caberg and Shark. You can see the clear image that full face helmets are safer and have more range of prices.


Price varies from helmet brand to brand. This makes riders feeling price sensitive. The reviews aid motorcyclists to look for the best motorcycle helmets under $300. To avoid being price sensitive, these guides help riders to consider the factors to buy a helmet.

As safety is the main precaution, there were two concerns which demonstrate between price and safety. There was a debate going on whether safety matches the cost of the helmet. British safety scheme called SHARP conducted the safety measures in terms of price, type and brand.

The results stated that full face helmets have a wider price range and have higher safety measures. System helmets tend to have fewer price variation but have average safety ratings. It has become true that full face helmets have greater safety measures and thus have a broader price range.

But results alone are not enough to rely on buying the best motorcycle helmets under $300. As the ones I selected were below $100. To balance the two things between safety and price is important as your spending pattern depends on it.

Go ahead and check out these helmets and what is best for you to purchase a motorcycle helmet under the price margin. Don’t let price hinder your choices of helmets as head safety is the main key to survival.

So save your budget and buy the best motorcycle helmets under $300!

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