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Chain Motorcycle Metal Heavy - Free photo on PixabayAre you frustrated when the chain of your bike covers in dust and dirt? If this is the case with your motorcycle chain, you are not alone!

The chain of your motorcycle becomes malfunction if not taken care. It is important to lubricate the chain by using the best motorcycle chain lube for smooth acceleration. 

To avoid malfunction and smearing with dirt onto your chain, it is time to invest in the best motorcycle chain lube! A motorcycle chain lube is a great way to remove any residues and lubricates the chain for long periods. 

Depending on how often you ride; there are vast lubricants to search for the best motorcycle chain lube. With various price points and engineered in hi-tech chemicals, this best motorcycle chain lube will help you to ride on for long durations. There are endless options for choosing the best motorcycle chain lube available.


With my ease of selection, I have chosen the top ten best motorcycle chain lube. Most chain lubricants deliver in aerosol sprays. Each lubricant manufactures with a recognized brand. They have beaten its competitors to fit in the best chain for motorcycle. I have select these chain lubricants based on my personal choice along with user experience and high market ratings.

Each chain lube has formulated its technological functions that will help to maintain a smooth and hassle-free ride. Regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride, neglecting the chain of your bike will lead to road accidents and becomes malfunction on various components. I want you to use one of these lubricants and ensure your chain is in good condition.  

Best Motorcycle Chain Lube Reviews in 2020

Here are the top ten best motorcycle chain lubricants. These best motorcycle chain lube has manufactured in aerosol spray cans to allow a smooth ride. If you want to look after the chain of your bike, have a look at these chain lubricant sprays below:

DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant Check Price
DuPont Teflon Non-Stick Dry-Film Lubricant Check Price
Maxima 74920 Chain Wax Check Price
DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser Check Price
Motul 102984 Chain Paste Check Price
PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube Check Price
Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube Check Price
Nextzett Ultra Gel Chain Grease Check Price
Honda Pro Chain Lube with White Graphite Check Price
PJ1 Black Label Heavy-Duty Chain Lube Check Price

1 .DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant

Brand DuPont
Shipping Weight 14.4 ounces
Item model numberCS0116601
Amazon best sellers rank #1,417 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement)#2 in Power Tool Lubricants

DuPont has reached the top of the list as the best motorcycle chain lube. The chain lubricant has come up with a yellow aerosol spray that lubricates different types of motorcycles for ensuring a smooth ride. To unwrap their features, the aerosol spray resists from dirt which allows a quick dry function after spraying onto the chain.

The yellow spray can contain a waxy substance that helps to resist water and act as a lubricant to prevent the chain from getting wet. The waxy spray can formulate with Teflon and Moly for enhancing wear protection. This helps to deliver a longer lubricant life and expands the temperature range. With the self-cleaning function, the spray can contain a wax film to evenly coat the frictional surfaces.

The wax film will not absorb abrasive contaminants including dirt, grit, paper dust, mill powders, lint, and grass. To ensure a speedy ride, the chain lubricant spray contains no silicones and protects against rust and corrosion. The chain will not fling-off during speedy rides and is safe for O-ring motorcycles. The spray is quick to dry and is easy to use.


  • Easy to apply
  • A wax film to evenly coat the frictional surfaces
  • A longer lubricant life
  • Resists water
  • Lubricate different types of motorcycles that have O-ring type


  • Overusing the spray might make the chain sticky
  • Might create noise
  • Not to be used for X-ring and Z-ring types

2. DuPont Teflon Non-Stick Dry-Film Lubricant 

Brand DuPont
Item Model numberDNS614101
Item Weight 14 ounces
Manufacturer part numberDNS614101

Another chemical brand by DuPont has delivered a non-stick dry-film lubricant spray. To unravel their functions, the spray can contain a unique 100% dry-film Teflon coating that acts as a lubricant. This helps to keep the movement of the chain for ensuring a full-speed ride. The spray has a non-oily coating which prevents building unnecessary grease on the chain.

With the Teflon technology added, the chain lubricant spray has a long-lasting and micro-thin coating that aids to resist dirt and corrosion. This thin lubrication reduces sliding friction and squeaking noise. To reduce sticking, the product has a non-stick function that forms a clean, white and dry coating film that bonds to most surfaces.

The thin-coating is excellent for tight tolerances and sliding tracks to resist chemical contaminants and water. This also repels grit and grime. The thin-coating lasts with the effective temperature range of -100°F to +500°F. This film lubricant spray uses for metal-on-metal applications. The spray is safe on all surfaces as it does not contain silicone. This product marks the best motorcycle chain lube for a dry effect.


  • Safe on all surfaces including metal-on-metal applications
  • Resist dirt and corrosion
  • Reduces sliding friction and squeaks
  • Bonds to most surfaces
  • Repels abrasive contaminant


  • Short duration lubricity
  • Weak fitting of spray nozzle
  • Not recommended for repairing any type of cooking equipment

3. Maxima 74920 Chain Wax

Item Weight1.2 pounds
Product Dimensions9.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Item model number74920
OEM Part Number74920

Maxima has fit in the best motorcycle chain lube by delivering a gold and black chain wax spray.

To dive into their features, the spray has a superior function that designs for all chain care needs. This works for different types of motorcycles. The chain wax spray contains a special paraffin base to create a waxy film. In other words, it contains a Para-film formula that forms a waxy surface similar to Cosmoline. This formula act as a lubricant that offers long-term protection especially in water and high humidity environments.

The chain wax spray formulates with heavy-duty, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives. This provides superior lubrication for all chains, sprockets, and cables, regardless of the bike you ride.

With the deep penetration, the waxing spray penetrates the lubrication in non-accessible areas to reduce chain stretch and wear. The spray eliminates fling-off and seals the solvent onto the chain. The chain wax resists from rust and does not attract dirt. This spray works best for O-ring and conventional chains.   


  • Works for all types of motorcycles especially racing bikes
  • Contains a paraffin formula to create a waxy film
  • Offers long-term protection in water and high humidity environments
  • Resist from rust
  • Works for O-ring, chains, sprockets and cables


  • Not to be used for prolonged exposure to solvent vapour
  • Takes a while to dry after applying
  • Contains chemicals which can cause cancer

4. DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser

Brand DuPont
Shipping Weight 11.2 ounces
Product Dimensions 2.8 x 2.8 x 8 inches
Item model numberM00116601

DuPont has not left its aerosol products behind the chemical market. DuPont has come up with the best motorcycle chain lube by inventing a degreaser that targets for chains and sprockets. To unpack their functions, the red spray can contain a strong and fast-acting lubricant that is safe for sealing O-ring chains. The spray contains biodegradable ingredients including soy extracted esters. This helps to remove the buildup of the grease from the chain and promotes an environmentally friendly product.

The degreaser is easy to apply which requires no water to rinse the spray. All you have to do to is to spray, wipe, re-lubricate and ride. This process requires a double coating to allow smooth lubrication of the chain. The red degreaser spray is safe for all X-ring, Z-ring and O-ring chains. With the function of removing residues, the spray serves the purpose of cleaning grease, dirt, wax, and grime. For better results, use DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant.  


  • Very cheap price
  • Contains biodegradable ingredients
  • Doesn’t require water for rinsing
  • Safe for X, Z and O-ring chains
  • Removes grease, dirt, wax and grime in chains and sprockets


  • Forms rust after first use
  • Leaks quickly
  • Does not work on its own which requires chain saver lubricant

5. Motul 102984 Chain Paste

Brand Motul
ModelChain Lube Paste – 5.7oz.
Item Weight4.6 ounces
Product Dimensions 2.4 x 1.5 x 8.6 inches
Item model number102984
Cover IncludedPaste

Motul has fit in the best motorcycle chain lube by manufacturing a chain paste delivered in a tube. To jump into their features, the tube paste is perfect to lubricate for racing bikes, dirt bikes, and road karts. The chain paste has a very low rolling resistance for ensuring great lubrication for riding on a speedy track. The chain paste is compatible with O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring chains.

The motorcycle chain paste has a brush applicator for the ease of use. To avoid the muddle of paste covered in your hands. The chain lubricant paste has a white liquid in colour for the ease of visibility. This allows providing a thin coating of the component. The white lubricant liquid is very easy to apply and has a thin coating for ensuring long-lasting lubrication. With a decent product size, this tube paste is easy to reach in the smallest parts of the chain.


  • Fairly cheap price
  • Easy to apply and reach
  • Compatible for O-ring, X-ring and Y-ring chains
  • Best for racing bikes, dirt bikes and road karts
  • White in colour for better visibility


  • Not suitable for other types of motorcycles
  • Takes ages to apply correctly
  • Does fling off

6. PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube

Brand PJ1
Model 1-22
Item Weight6.4 ounces
Product Dimensions 9.5 x 8.25 x 5.5 inches
Item model number 42391
Cover Included PJ1 1-22 Blue Label O Ring Chain Lube 13 oz Aerosol
Vehicle Service TypeAll-terrain-vehicles;utility-vehicles;street-sport-motorcycles;off-road-motorcycles;street-cruiser-motorcycles;street-touring-motorcycles;street-motor-scooters;snowmobiles;marine-personal-craft

PJ1 is best known for delivering the best motorcycle chain lube targeted for O-ring type. To unwrap their functions, the blue label is very easy to apply which penetrates and protects O-rings to keep them moist and pliable. The chain lube spray reduces chain friction and shock resulting in less wear and fewer necessary chain adjustments.

The blue label spray can protect against corrosion by displacing and repelling water. The spray contains a petroleum-based clear formula that doesn’t fling off and extends the chain’s life. This protects the sprocket surface from wear adding with a cushion effect between the rollers and the sprocket.

The lubricant spray works for O-ring chains to create a minimal rolling resistance. This blue label aerosol spray works for different types of motorcycles.


  • Works different types of motorcycles that have O-ring chains
  • Requires fewer necessary chain adjustments
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Contains a petroleum-based formula that doesn’t fling off
  • Extends the chain’s life


  • The lid of the spray breaks easily
  • Contains chemicals that cause cancer
  • Not suitable for X and Z-ring chains

7. Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube

Item Weight13.6 ounces
Product Dimensions8 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Item model number 99470-A400W
Manufacturer Part Number 99470-A400W

Bel-Ray has fit in the best motorcycle chain lube that contains definite features to beat its competitors. To dive into their functions, the spray chain lube has superior anti-wear additives that help to provide long-lasting protection against metal-to-metal contact. This ensures a longer chain and sprocket life.

With the protection from rust, the chain lube provides a full chain coverage that forms a waterproof protective coating. This will not attract dirt, sand, and grit and allows anti-wear protection. The chain will not fling off in high-speeds. With the fast-drying function, the super clean chain lube dries quickly. This forms into a protective coating which does not pick up various residues while riding.

The spray has a white colour liquid that enables to leave the chain to look as good as new after the lubrication process. With the easy to use procedure, the chain lube provides a pinpoint precision that allows a full coverage. Without leaving unnecessary mess while applying. This chain lube works for O, X and Z rings for street, off-road and racing bikes.


  • Works for X, Z and O rings for on and off the street motorcycles
  • Provides a full coverage that doesn’t fling off in high-speeds
  • Dries quickly that doesn’t attract dirt, sand and grit
  • Repels water and corrosion
  • Contains anti-wear additives that provide a long duration of the chain and sprocket


  • Over-applying might make the chain sticky
  • Does not work on a bicycle chain
  • The white liquid might be easily noticeable

8. Nextzett Ultra Gel Chain Grease

Brand Nextzett
Item Weight 10.4 ounces
Package Dimensions 7.4 x 2 x 1.4 inches
Item model number 96050515
Manufacturer Part Number 96050515

Nextzett stood out from the rest to fit in the best motorcycle chain lube. This product contains a gel formula that forms a greasing lubricant for your chain. To jump into their features, the grease spray is usable for all chain vehicles including motorcycles, go-karts, and bicycles. The chain grease spray formulates with ultra-gel that uses to ensure high-speed rides and high-load applications that outlasts other greases.

The chain spray has a high-temperature synthetic grease with a wide temperature range of -30°C to +250°C. This high-temperature range resist from acid and is a resin product. The aerosol contains a spray straw that is easy to apply at a precise area. When applied, the liquid penetrates onto the chain and turns into a grease within seconds. This helps to extend the chain’s life.

The ultra-gel chain grease contains active corrosion protection with excellent adhesion. This will not sling off and attract dust and so is water-resistant. This spray works for O-ring chain type that maintains the duration of various chains and sprockets.


  • Wide temperature range of -30°C to +250°C
  • Contains resin
  • Resist from acid
  • Contains a spray straw for the ease of apply
  • Turns into grease within seconds


  • Little thin which leaves weak lubrication
  • A bit messy
  • Does fling off

9. Honda Pro Chain Lube with White Graphite

Brand Honda
Item Weight 15.1 ounces
Product Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 inches
Manufacturer Part Number 08732-CLG00
OEM Part Number08732-CLG00

Honda Pro showed its brand for manufacturing lubricant oils and aerosol sprays. The brand has come up with the best motorcycle chain lube by inventing a spray with white graphite. To dive into their features, the spray contains white graphite for maintaining superior lubrication.

The blue and white spray is compatible with all types of chains regardless of the type of motorcycle. The product resists weather and wears protection for maintaining longer-lasting lubrication. This allows an ongoing ride that doesn’t fling off the chain and works in all weather conditions.

The spray works in both high and low extreme temperatures to ensure a smooth and hassle-free ride between metal movements. The blue spray has a no-fling formula that does not fling-off the chain during the ride.


  • Contain white graphite for superior lubrication
  • Resists different weather patterns
  • Works on high and low extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with all types of chains
  • No fling formula


  • Poor fitting of the tube nozzle
  • Users complained about the missing spray tip

10. PJ1 Black Label Heavy-Duty Chain Lube

Brand PJ1
Item Weight 8 ounces
Package Dimensions 6.7 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches
Item model number 1-06A
Manufacturer Part Number 1-06A
Cover Included PJ1 1-06A Heavy Duty Black Label Chain Lube 5 oz Aerosol

The last but not least is another brand by PJ1 Heavy-Duty Chain Lube. The lubricant brand has manufactured a black label spray that contains a heavy-duty formula for ensuring a superior riding performance. To unravel their functions, the black and yellow spray contains a synthetic lubricant that formulates in thin-bodied substance to penetrate onto the chain links. This thickens to provide a slippery shock absorbing film and allows to absorb the pin bushing shock to reduce chain stretch.

The black label spray protects against rust and requires fewer chain adjustments. The product has a super tacky formulation that reduces dirt and fly-offs. With the long lubrication, the spray has a deep penetration process to extend the sprocket and chain life. The black and yellow spray resist heat and provides minimal rolling resistance.

This chain lube proves to imply for racing bikes and is safe for any motorcycles that have an O-ring chain. To protect the environment from damage and health hazards, the product has manufactured with environmentally friendly chemicals.


  • Reduces chain stretch which is perfect for racing bikes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fewer chain adjustments
  • A super tacky formulation to reduce dirt and fly-off
  • Resist heat and provides minimal rolling


  • Sticky and messy to apply
  • Becomes very thick if over-applying
  • Not recommended for X and Z ring chains

Guides for Buying the Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

You can see we have covered the top ten best motorcycle chain lube where each product represents a recognized lubricant brand to beat its competitors! It is very important you check the condition of the chain before you hit the road before and after riding.

If you want to maintain your chain for long durations, there are certain guides to consider before purchasing the best motorcycle chain lube.

Type of lube

Chain lubes have manufactured into two types: spray and paste. These two lube types mark a certain manufacturing product that works and act as a cleaning lubricant. Spray and paste lubricant can consider as wet and dry lube. Spray lubricants have a quicker process as it requires spraying onto the chain and turning the chain a couple of times. Spray lubes tend to have a thinner formula and works best for dry and dusty conditions. This is because the formula in spray lubes reduces friction between metal movements. With a quick-dry function, sprays tend to evaporate in less than minutes.

Paste lubricants are easy to apply than sprays as it doesn’t leave a mess onto your hands. Paste lubricants are best suitable for wet and humid conditions as it helps to stay moist and are harder to fling-off at high speeds. Enriched with the thick formula, paste lubricants take a while to dry and tend to pick up dirt, grit, and grime. When looking for an ideal chain lube for your bike, consider whether you want to purchase in the form of a spray or a paste. 

Type of motorcycle

A motorcycle chain lube is required and only works best if it lubricates well to your bike. Chain lubes have manufactured a certain lubricant that works for a definite type of bike. If you ride an off-road motorcycle, you need to acquire a lubricant that works best for racing motorcycles. If you want an all-purpose bike, you must look for a chain lube that works for all types of motorcycles. When looking for ideal chain lube, consider the type of your motorcycle you ride.  

Chain ring type

Chain rings come in three types: O, X and Z. These three chain types accommodate to do the job of sealing the inner and the outer components of the bike. Some lube designed only to lubricate that certain chain type and others lubricate to all three types. If your chain is O-ring, you go for a lube that only accommodates to that definite ring type. Most chain lubes I have stated in these reviews are best for O-ring type. When looking for a chain lube for your motorcycle, consider the ring type. 

How often you ride

Acquiring a motorcycle chain lube is an essential factor to consider as it depends on how often you ride. If you ride your bike frequently, probably the chain of your bike might become squeaky and may form rust and other residues. To avoid this issue is you need to acquire an ideal chain lube that will maintain a smooth and hassle-free ride. To buy a suitable chain lube, consider how often you hit the road.

Resistance to fling-off

It can be frustrating when the chain flings off while riding. This occurs when you are on the road frequently. The flinging off the chain will lead to disruptions of your bike. This will cause damage and requires to spend several dollars on repairing your bike at the workshop. To avoid this frustration is to look for a good motorcycle chain lube that resists to fling-off without preventing the chain to splatter off while on the road.   

Ease of use

A good motorcycle chain lube must be easy to use and should be easy to reach while applying onto the chain. If you have purchased a lubricant spray that leaks the nozzle and spills onto your hands, then it wouldn’t do any good to protect your chain from debris.

If you are worried that the substance will get all over your hands, do make sure the nozzle is screwed tightly and check if the nozzle works for spraying. If you have a paste, do make sure the solvent oozes well. The product should be easy to use and read the instructions carefully before you begin applying.

Resist various residues

Most chain lubricants add technological formulations to remove various residues such as sand, grime, grit, grass, water, and dust. Acquiring a lubricant that resists different residues will benefit to ride in various environments. If you want to protect the chain of your bike from debris, look for a chain lube that contains this function.

Weather conditions

Riding your motorcycle affects the chain in different weather conditions. With the growing emergence of technology, lubricant manufactures have formulated hi-tech solvents that work in seasonal climate changes.

Depending on the substance contained, some lubricants only accommodates to that definite area. For instance, if you ride in humid conditions, you need a chain lube that contains a wax coating to allow riding smoothly at humid conditions. To consider weather conditions, it is best to search for a chain lube that protects from various climates.

Resist to corrosion

As you know, the components of your bike are made of metal which corrodes over time if not maintained. Nowadays, lubricant manufacturers formulate hi-tech substances to protect from rust and corrosion. If you want your chain to survive in long periods and protect from corrosion, look for a lube that contains this function.

Terrain you ride

The terrain you ride plays a vital role as it affects the functionality of the chain. The places you ride will cover your chain in residues and unnecessary buildup of grease. This depends on the weather patterns and the temperature of the environment.

For instance, if you ride on bumpy areas, you would probably be sure the chain might fling off. For this, you need a chain lube that doesn’t fling off and sticks to the sprocket for long trips. If you ride on flat terrains at a high speed, you go for a dry lube that protects from debris. Before purchasing a chain lube, consider the terrain.     


The best motorcycle chain lube must have the durability to survive in long periods. Most chain lubes have the durability to protect the motorcycle chain from residues in varying riding conditions. It is very important to maintain the chain to ensure a smooth ride. If you want your chain to survive in different climatic changes, go for a lubricant that has long durability.


Price is something that needs to consider for protecting the chain from rust and the buildup of unnecessary debris. Most chain lubes offer a cheap and reasonable price with a few percentages of discount. If you want to buy a chain lube that requires little to or no effort of spending several dollars, go for a product that offers a reasonable price label.


As expressed, it is very important to lubricate and maintain your motorcycle chain for ensuring a smooth ride. If you do not take care, the chain would form rusts and becomes malfunction over time. To avoid this problem requires the best motorcycle chain lube. A motorcycle chain lube helps to lubricate the chain for allowing a hassle-free ride.

Offering various price points and different formulae, the reviews and buying guides allowed riders to search for the best motorcycle chain lube. A chain lube serves the purpose of supporting the accelerator to surpass the speed and to allow a high-performance ride. Depending on the type of bike, you will find an ideal motorcycle chain lube to enjoy a smooth ride.

Buy the best motorcycle chain lube and time to lubricate a thrilling acceleration for a high-speed ride!

To maintain your bike further, you can browse the best motorcycle oils!

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