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1Storm helmet has recognized its headgears to make the best motorcycle helmets targeting various riders.

To buy a motorcycle helmet, nothing beats the better review than 1Storm Modular Full Face Helmet.

According to motor gear experts, I am going to provide you with a review of 1Storm helmet.

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet
A rider wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle Helmet | 1Storm Helmet Review

A helmet’s main purpose is to enhance further road safety. 1Storm motorcycle helmet shows a great example of head protection.

There are certain considerations before buying a helmet:

Head size and shape

To buy a motorcycle helmet, you must know your head size and shape. The helmet’s job is to protect your head in the event of an impact. To obtain your head size is to take a measuring tape, measure from the inch above your eyebrows around to the midway of your head.

To know your head shape is to flatten your hair and take the photo above your head. Each headgear designed for a certain head shape. They are round oval, intermediate oval and long oval. If your head is like a circle, you are a round oval. If your head is much narrower at the sides of your head, you are long oval. Be sure you consider your head size and shape.

It is crucial to check the legal safety stamps. These safety stamps allow you to ride safely that has approved by the transportation law. There are three safety standards, which are DOT, ECE, and Snell. Since not all helmets carry a legal safety stamp, it is best to keep an eye on one of these safety stamps. When buying a helmet, look for a legal safety stamp at the back of the headgear.

Type of rider

Wearing a helmet comes into consideration how often you hit the road. If you ride often, you need a helmet that works in all weather patterns as the helmet affects different climatic changes.


The interior provides comfort and protection to your head in the event of an impact. The material of the inner liner is made of either dual density or multi-density EPS liner (Expanded Polystyrene). This material serves for displacing energy before it reaches your head. To buy a helmet is to consider the interior.


The exterior shell is where the colour displays. The exterior is made of either a matte or glossy finish. The materials that make a strong exterior are polycarbonate, thermoplastic alloy, fibreglass composite and carbon fibre. The exterior helps to protect from extreme exposures in prolonged durations. To buy a helmet is to consider the exterior shell.

Helmet types

In motorcycle helmets, there are six types of helmets. They are full face, open face, modular, off-road, dual-sport and half face. These helmet types have their benefits and drawbacks. To consider buying a suitable helmet type is to know how much coverage you want for your ride.

Eye protection

Road safety applies to the eyes as much as it applies to the head. Having a helmet with eye protection helps to prevent any residues from entering your eyes. Some helmets have dual visors and others have a range of visors. To buy a helmet is to consider the eye protection needed.

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

I am going to give you a review of the 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face helmet. What is so good about the 1Storm helmet? 

ManufacturerPower Gear Motorsports
Item Weight5 pounds
Package Dimensions14 x 11 x 11 inches
Item model number5
Manufacturer Part NumberHB-B89Clear_ArrowGreen
Safety RatingDOT Certified

The headgear has an advanced modular flip-up switch with an inner visor switch function. This makes it easier for the rider to flip up the chin bar with one hand. You do not have to struggle of taking off the helmet with two hands! About eye protection, the helmet has dual visors with inner smoked and an outer clear shield to protect from various residues. No residues will enter your eyes as this helmet has dual visors!

The visors are easy to remove and install without the use of tools. This saves time on changing the visors without screwdrivers. To allow an aerodynamic ride, the headwear has a lightweight and durable shell made of thermoplastic alloy. This allows you to reduce drag at high speeds for a safer ride. A lightweight helmet means less drag at high speeds! The outer shell has a glossy touch of UV protective finish. This helps you to protect yourself from prolonged sun exposure.

For clean and odour-free cushioning, the 1Storm helmet has removable and washable interior padding. The flip-up helmet has six ventilation systems with two front and two top adjustable vent switches to distribute an efficient air intake and exhaust. You do not have to suffer suffocation in this helmet! To secure the helmet in place, the headgear has a quick release buckle. The modular helmet approves by DOT.


  • An advanced modular flip-up switch to ride during the day and night
  • Dual visors with inner smoked and an outer clear shield
  • Remove and install without the use of tools
  • Available in 16 colors
  • Six ventilation system with adjustable function


  • Limited range of visors
  • The flip-up switch might fail to function if not operated carefully
  • Noisier during longer rides

Features & Benefits of 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet Review

Key Features

  • Advanced Flip-up switch to open the chin bar with just the press of a button.
  • Dual lens design with inner smoked visor and outer clear shields to protect from different residues from entering the eyes. The dual-lens design is replaceable without the use of tools. This helps to remove and install easily without the hassle of using screwdrivers.
  • Lightweight shell made of thermoplastic alloy to allow an aerodynamic construction to reduce drag at high speeds. The lightweight, function helps to avoid fatigue in long rides.
  • UV protective finish to allow long-lasting durability adding the glossy arrow green aesthetic to protect from prolonged sunlight. This helps to prevent color fading and leaving marks on the exterior shell.
  • Six ventilation systems with two front and two top adjustable vent switches to distribute a sufficient amount of ventilation. This benefits the rider to enjoy a cool and comfortable ride without feeling claustrophobic.
  • 1Storm helmet has a removable and washable inner liner and cheek pads to keep it clean and free from dust and dirt. This benefit for a well-hygiene interior liner.
  • Quick releases buckle to secure the helmet in place during the ride. This benefits adding further protection of the chin and thus removes the helmet conveniently.
  • 1Storm helmet meets the safety standard of DOT, a legal certification stamp that approves by the transportation law to wear safely on the road.

Easy to remove 4.7/5

1Storm helmet has an easy to remove function, which has an advanced flip-up switch to open the chin bar easily. This benefits to open the chin bar for talking, eating, or drinking. The function works with the press of a button. This is a great function if you want to stop at a designated place. The high ratings make a great modular helmet where you do not have to struggle of opening the chin bar in two hands.

The helmet has a high rating because of the retention system. 1Storm motorcycle helmet has a quick release buckle to strap around the chin for adding security. The strap benefits to secure the helmet in place and help to remove it conveniently. This reduces the hassle of adjusting the straps without any strand of hair.

Noise level 4.7/5

For the 1Storm helmet review, users complained that the helmet is a little noisy in longer routes. This is due to the fact that the chin bar opens creates a noise. The opening of the chin bar does not serve the purpose of riding. The helmet has great ratings of noise level as you close the chin bar; the helmet becomes a full face mode. This helps to keep the helmet quiet for a peaceful ride.

The modular helmet has six ventilation systems to distribute sufficient airflow to keep the head cool and comfortable. The feature benefits riding in the summer. As ventilation helps to avoid feeling claustrophobic and keep your head comfortable.

Value for Money 4.7/5

Such high ratings have made the most popular modular helmet by the bestseller list. The price of a 1Storm helmet is $59.95. The modular helmet has a cheap price with long durability to sell the helmet at such a reasonable price.

The material has made in thermoplastic alloy shell, 1Storm helmet has reduced the budget of using materials to enhance head protection. A cheaper price means safe head protection. I would not judge headgear based on price. As head, protection should not compromise with the price label. To buy a 1Storm helmet, you need to look at the features of your ride.

Durability 4.6/5

1Storm helmet review has a glossy touch of UV protection to protect the helmet from damage. The shell will not lose its aesthetic for durations. No rider likes to get his or her helmet losing its appearance in prolonged sunlight or other extreme conditions! This feature benefits riders to search for a durable helmet that does not lose its appearance.

Such a great rating allows the helmet to protect the exterior shell from UV light. If you want to avoid colour fading, go for this modular helmet.

Comfort 4.5/5

1Storm modular helmet provides full protection of the head by adding a multi-density layer of EPS liner to protect the head from impacts. To add to the hygiene of the interior, the helmet has a removable and washable inner liner and cheek pads. This will help you to remove and wash the inner liner and cheek pads at your convenience. To keep the interior clean and fresh. You can maintain the inner liner at your convenience.  A comfortable helmet means safe head protection.

1Storm helmet has a dual-lens design which consists of an inner smoked lens and an outer clear shield. This helps you to add double protection from entering your eyes. The dual visor allows you to reduce eye strain and gives you a wider view of the road. You do not have to face disoriented vision in long routes.

With the aerodynamic design, the modular helmet constructed with such a design that provides to reduce drag at high speeds. This allows a peaceful ride without any road distractions coming your way. I prefer to ride at high speeds, who does not like to have a comfortable and enjoyable ride?

Lightweight 4.5/5

With the lightweight function, the 1Storm helmet weighs 5 pounds. The material has manufactured in a thermoplastic alloy shell, the material allows a lightweight function to avoid tiredness in longer routes. A helmet should serve the purpose of making your ride comfortable without feeling heavy on your head. You do not want to suffer headaches in a long ride!

Alternatives and Comparison

If you want an alternative motorcycle helmet for your ride. I am going to provide you with a comparison between YEMA YM-831 Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet and ILM 8 Colors Modular Flip-Up Helmet.

YEMA YM-831 Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA YM-831 differs from 1Storm helmet based on price, features, helmet type, and weight. The full-face helmet has an aerodynamic shell made of ABS shell with a multi-density EPS liner.

This allows great head protection with maximum comfort. The helmet has a sun visor system with easy use switch and tool-less function to remove easily. With a fairly higher price of $99.99, the helmet has matte black aesthetics to make the appearance stand out in the day.

1Storm has a glossy finish compared to the YEMA full-face helmet. The weight of the helmet is 3.52 pounds, which is more lightweight than the 1Storm helmet. Regarding ventilation, YEMA has fully adjustable intake and exhaust vents to create a constant light airflow. This helmet is suitable for both men and women.

ILM 8 Colors Modular Flip-Up Helmet

ILM Modular is different from the 1Storm helmet; the modular helmet is available in eight colours. Similar to 1Storm, the headwear has a flip-up function to open the chin bar easily with one hand. The helmet has a weight of 3.31 pounds, which is lighter than the 1Storm modular helmet.

The headgear has a lightweight design to reduce drag at high speeds. Like the 1Storm helmet, ILM has dual visors that protect from scratch and fog. The price of this helmet is $56.47 and is made of ABS shell with EPS liner.

YEMA YM-831 Street Bike Motorcycle HelmetILM 8 Colors Modular Flip-Up Helmet
Helmet TypeFull faceModular
Weight3.52 pounds3.31 pounds
InteriorEPS linerMulti-density EPS liner
ExteriorMatte black aestheticCarbon fiber design
Eye ProtectionSun visorDual visors which are anti-scratch and anti-fog
Type of RidersMen and womenFor all ages

If you want to have an alternative helmet, you can check out these two helmets by referring to the features and comparison table.


A motorcycle helmet helps to protect your head in the event of a crash. There could not be a better analysis than the 1Storm helmet review.

The modular helmet has definite features to benefit road safety such as a sufficient ventilation channel to keep your head comfortable on the road. This helmet is a great fit for head protection as this helmet targets rider of all ages.

So buy a 1Storm helmet now!

You can also check out cool motorcycle helmets and carbon fiber motorcycle helmets!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 1Storm helmets good?

1Storm helmets are great as they are lightweight, durable and easy to handle in long rides. They offer the best graphics in the gear market.

What is the safest helmet?

The safest helmet is 1Storm Full face Modular helmet as this helmet offers safe flip-up mechanism to open the chin bar with just one hand.

What is the best helmet for a cruiser?

The best helmet for a cruiser is Bell Rogue and Scorpion Covert.

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